One of the founders discoursing.

Czech republic is well known bastion of crypto enthusiasts. We attended Bitcoin Conference in Czech city Zlin, where Matej — our co-founder — had a keynote about institutions starting to invest in crypto markets.

Here are some cliff notes from the keynote:

  • Big players have many shapes and forms. From VCs, hedge funds, family offices to big ICOs and miners pooling their capital to manage it professionally.
  • Traditional institutions are slowly waking up to cryptocurrencies and digital assets as new kind of investable assets, but they struggle with regulations and fast pace of the markets.
  • New kind of investment funds…

Crypkit Conference in Gibraltar

In cooperation with Crypkit team delivered a crypto seminar to 35 compliance officers in Gibraltar. The conference with a name Effective Toolkit for Crypto Compliance was organized by Gibraltar Association of Compliance Officers (GACO) and Pavel Stehno from Crypkit team was the speaker.

First part of the event looked at how various blockchains work and digged deeper into conceptual background of Bitcoin network. Thanks to many visual demonstrations the audience was able to connect the dots in their knowledge and get a comprehensive understanding of how this technology really works.

Second part on Source of funds check in Crypto

The bear market is hungry, but it will pass…

It seems that bears have been extremely hungry. They have been feasting on crypto market for quite some time now. Because of that the whole crypto world is going through a bear market (actual term). We in Crypkit are still keeping our heads cool though and you should too.

You may have noticed that we are offering the highest version of Crypkit, under the name of Gold, for free until the end of November. You must have noticed that crypto market is going through some rough times these days.

We noticed that too. Crypto market is the same like every…

“…the world is not anymore the way it used to be, um um um no no no…”

- Carlos Matos

Title of this blogpost may seem a bit cryptic. But we allow ourselves the freedom to post this kind of short opinion pieces now and then.

This one is about powerful fictions, running our lives. The main idea is presented by Israeli historian Yuval Harari:

We exist in world ruled by fictions:

  • Religions
  • Nation states
  • Law
  • Companies
  • Money

These are the most powerful constructs in the world. They give us jobs, protect us, punish us, tell us how to…

Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, distributed ledger, decentralized consensus, tokenization, digital assets.

All these buzzwords are resonating in minds of many, especially after huge price jump of 2017 and todays decline.

But below all the buzz, there is also slow technological and social shift, that makes us ask fundamental questions about the structure of our society:

  • What is money?
  • Why it is valuable?
  • What or who do we trust with it?
  • How can we minimize need for trust?
  • Can algorithms be part of our legal contracts?
  • Can a purely digital asset have sustainable value?
  • And most importantly: When moon? 🙂


We believe…

Welcome to our first blogpost. This Medium thing might be new for us but Crypkit is certainly not. We are working on it in subtlety for almost one whole year.

Crypkit started as a side project of couple of friends who were investing and trading cryptocurrencies.

It was 2017, crypto markets were growing quickly. To track everything manually in excel sheets was not sustainable. We needed a tool to help us track our crypto investments, which we pooled together. We needed something smart, to save time and automate all boring administration.

Sheets are cool, but can only take you so far…

Thus, Crypkit was born.


Portfolio tracking and analytics tool for crypto traders, investors and professional fund managers.

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