Coin Comp Spotlight: Coins for Opportunity, Charity, Wealth Distribution, Green Funding

This is the first of a series of articles featuring coins from the Coin Listing Competition of The CryptalDash Exchange. We’ll get to know their projects and vision for the future.

Our adoption of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set out by the United Nations has changed the dynamics of the Coin Comp.

With the SDGs incorporated in the Competition, we have attracted cool, unique, and more importantly, meaningful projects powered by blockchain.

We look forward to listing only coins that embody our vision of a world run by cleaner and sustainable use of resources, and have better access to food, healthcare, education, and opportunities for all.

Let’s get the ball rolling and shine the spotlight on these five coin participants of Phase 11 whose projects stood out the most.


Who they are: SANCOJ means opportunities in Esperanto and wants to be the world’s first supermarket for opportunity seekers.

What they do: The SANCOJ platform will use AI to lead these seekers to the right opportunities so they can properly utilize their talents and earn what they rightfully deserve to minimize unemployment and underemployment.

What’s their token/coin: You use SANC to navigate the SANCOJ platform.

Ethereum Cash Pro (ECP)

Who they are: Ethereum Cash Pro offers peer-to-peer electronic cash.

What they do: While this is not a new concept in the blockchain sphere, it is Ethereum Cash Pro’s future green projects that take center stage ranging from planting 200 billion trees to recycling 200 billion ton waste to energy and compost, separately.

What’s their token/coin: ERC20-based ECP is the official currency of the platform.

Una Project (UNA)

Who they are: The UNA Project is all for a decentralized wealth distribution.

What they do: To that end, it is espousing a digital currency for Africa where the prevalence of poverty causes the wealth divide. With the elimination of poverty comes economic growth.

What’s their token/coin: UNA will be that digital currency running on very little electricity.


Who they are: The BROTHER project works toward charity and aid.

What they do: Through their platform, charitable organizations can launch and run campaigns for meaningful causes that will ultimately benefit society.

What’s their token/coin: BRAT is the charity and aid token used to access the BROTHER platform.

EverGreenCoin (EGC)

Who they are: The organization stands for low carbon footprint, sustainability, stability and longevity.

What they do: The project marries humanitarian and green goals in its overall strategy of funding projects for clean water services, education access, financial independence, and natural disaster relief efforts.

What’s their token/coin: EGC is at the heart of the EverGreenCoin project.

For the communities behind these coins, let the world know what your coins can do.

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