CryptalDash Developer Update — Week 44

New UI/UX Sample

Hello CryptalDash users,

We are starting a series of posts that will provide you with the latest development status for The CryptalDash Exchange and general news about the project. Updates will be coming in a weekly or bi-weekly format.

In this post we will cover:

  1. Development status of new UI
  2. Upcoming changes in the current UI
  3. Planned whitelist process changes
  4. Withdrawal issues

1. New UI Development Status

As you might be aware, CryptalDash is in the process of a complete overhaul of the user interface and user experience.

New UI is not only about new design — it will bring several features which will help in utilizing CryptalDash as a true dashboard to monitor several exchanges at once and will help with working on arbitrage in a visual and easy way.

Some of the new features we plan to include*:

  • fully customizable layout (move, resize and hide trading panels like chart/order book/market history, etc)
  • clone panels so you will be able to view several panels like order book /market history at once (usable for monitoring several exchanges)
  • better and intuitive way to switch between exchanges within the panel
  • customized watchlists (we will introduce several default watchlists, and you will be able to select several of your own watchlists)

*some of these features might not be available at the launch, but right now we are aiming to cover all of them

So when it will be ready?

Right now we plan the new UI release in January 2019.

Many of these new features don’t exist in most other exchanges so our task is really challenging, plus we also would need to test the functionality properly before the release, that’s why it’s taking longer than many users expected.

Can I check how the new UI will look like?

We will reveal new UI details in the upcoming posts; we can’t show the full mock-up yet because some of the features still need to be confirmed on delivery time, and we don’t want to overpromise and underdeliver.

Please note that the color scheme and some of the elements might be changed on the later stages of development.

As you can see in this sample, new UI has a modular structure; this will allow us to control each panel independently, which will open the possibility for customized user layouts and many other interesting interactions. Panels like Order Control and Watchlist will be heavily reworked for the better UX.

Any other information on the new UI?

We will be describing each panel in depth in our future posts, stay tuned!

2. Changes in the Current UI

While our main focus right now is the new UI development, we are also working on improving the existing interface and processes.

This week we released changes to the Watchlist Panels, featuring filter and order book selection modifications.

3. Planned Whitelist Process Changes

The current whitelist process requires the user to provide a selfie for each withdrawal address. This process was created to provide a superior security for the user; however, we realize now that the requirements are too tedious for many users.

We are thus reworking the whitelisting process, and in the future, selfies will only be required if the user selected it as an option, or if the system will flag withdrawal according to our screening mechanics — it means that most withdrawals will no longer require selfies.

There is no set timeline when this will be changed at the moment, it certainly will be changed in the new UI, but we will consider “patching” existing UI if we would have the resources.

4. Withdrawal issues

One more thing about whitelisting: many users (and rightfully so) complained about ERC-20 wallets withdrawals.

As is the case now, if the user has an ETH address whitelisted, and he/she requests CRD withdrawal to the same ETH address, he/she still will be asked for the selfie for the CRD withdrawal.

This issue will be fixed in the current UI shortly.

That’s all technical updates for now.


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