CryptalDash ICO Bounty Referral Program

Feb 7, 2018 · 5 min read

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Bounty Referral Program Overview

With such a highly anticipated launch and a limited supply of tokens, the ICO is expected to sell out fast. If you’re serious about capitalising on this ICO you need to start promoting right now!.

We decided to make our bounty campaign a little different. it’s simple and unrestrictive. We don’t have any confusing rules or criteria to meet. We don’t expect a 1,000+ word count for blog posts or 10,000+ followers on Twitter, we don’t even mind how you choose to promote us, all we ask is you promote ethically, legally and don’t spam.

The campaign will run concurrently with the ICO Token sale, but with a limited supply of tokens, don’t hesitate or you’ll miss the opportunity to make some quick cash CRD tokens.

What is CryptalDash?

CryptalDash is a Single-Access Platform that enables access to Cryptocurrency exchanges globally with Local Funding and Settlement Abilities. Our Platform allows seamless access and execution across a variety of global exchanges, making the Crypto market a more efficient place. CryptalDash Exchange means faster purchases and lower latency for all users. Our tools also eliminate the need for multiple interfaces thus making the exchange transactions cheaper and easier to do.

We believe the current systems in place today are unnecessarily complicated resulting in major flaws. To make a simple exchange transaction (such as alt-currency exchange), you may have to juggle 3 to 4 interfaces; this is a slow and painful process that includes multiple obstacles that could lead to error. Typically, you would have your coin wallet, exchange wallet and receiving wallet. Next, switching between various platforms will increase the probability of errors. We set out to fix this problem and allow users to transact faster, easier and securely on a user first focused platform.

Due to the innovative offerings available on the exchange, CryptalDash is in position to offer the leading single-access interface and tools to institutional investors, day traders, hobby investors and retail banks existing customer base. The broad market application enables rapid technological adoption and mass user acquisition.

For more detailed information about CryptalDash visit the following links
White Paper
Announcement Thread

How To Promote CryptalDash ICO And Earn CRD Token Rewards

There are three steps to having commissions deposited into your CryptalDash account:

1) Create a referral account
2) Promote your referral link
3) Earn commissions!

1. Create An Account

First things first. If you haven’t yet signed up for an account you need to create a referral partner account here

Once you’ve signed up for a referral account, your unique referral link is viewable on your dashboard. This is the link you will be using to promote the ICO and earn rewards.

2. Promote Your Referral Link

The places to promote your referral link are unlimited; this means your earning potential is too! The goal is to place your referral link in front of as many qualified people as a means of introducing them to CryptalDash.
Below is an overview of the most common promotion methods and how to get started.

  • Blog/News Post
    Write a news or blog post announcing the ICO which details what the company does and why it’s unique.
    Write a press release announcing the ICO.
  • Website Banners
    Place banners on the sidebar, header, footer or anywhere else on the website promoting the ICO.
    Layover Banners
    Layover banners allow you to ‘layover’ banners, so you are not replacing existing banners on your website.
  • Twitter Tweets and Direct Messages
    Tweet your referral link with a few short words describing the company to grab users attention.
  • Posts on Facebook
    Post your referral link with a few short words describing the company to grab users attention.
  • Posts In Telegram Groups
    Post your referral link with a few short words describing the company to grab users attention.
  • Linked Post
    Post your referral link with a few short words describing the company to grab users attention.
  • Direct Messages on LinkedIn/WhatsApp/Viber/SMS
    Message your contacts and explain why you believe the ICO may be of interest to them and share the link.
  • Pinned Post on Facebook Groups or Pages
    Post an image and text then pin it to the top of the page, so all users see the post while when they visit your group or page.
  • Mention and Links in Youtube Videos
    Talk about the ICO in your video and provide a link in the video description for users to click. Be sure to tell users to check the video description for the link.
  • Instagram Bio Links and Content
    Place your referral link in your Instagram bio then post an image which lets people know they need to look at your profile for more information.
  • Post On Forums
    In topical threads provide value and place your referral link as a reference.
  • Forum Signatures
    Place the link in your forum signature, so all exciting and new posts feature your referral link.
  • Email Your List
    Email your list to let them know about an upcoming ICO you recommend.
  • Blog Comments
    Find topical and relevant blog posts, add value in comments and place your referral link as a reference.
  • Promotional Resources
    Website Banners: Download here
    Press Release:View ICO launch announcement Press Release here
    Layover Banners: We recommend (and love) Optin Monster for quickly launching layover banners

3. Earn Commissions

Once you have started placing your referral link far and wide, you can login to the dashboard and see how many users are signing up and purchasing tokens.

Looking For A Results Spreadsheet?

We’ve opted out of a slow confusing spreadsheet, and instead we’ve built a custom referral reporting platform which provides accurate real-time information on clicks, leads and commissions.

For instant approval to the referral, bounty program sign up here >><<

Start promoting today, or you’ll be kicking yourself tomorrow.

Contact Details

If you have any questions, you can contact the team via the following methods
Facebook Group

White Paper

To Your Success,
CryptalDash Referral Team

Written by Becca Hallowes for CryptalDash


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