IMPORTANT! Airdrop Token Distribution Update

[Updated as of August 10]

Dear Airdrop Participants,

We heard all your questions regarding Airdrop tokens. What stood out is the distribution of these tokens. When will they be received? Is there an exact time frame for this?

We got the answer for you.

The Airdrop tokens will be ready for distribution when the participating coins have been integrated into The CryptalDash Exchange.

Each coin will go through integration and this process varies for each coin depending on its platform. Like you, we want the integration process to run smoothly and without delay.

For example, if one participating coin has been integrated into the Exchange, then the tokens from that coin will be distributed sooner.

While we can’t give you the exact time frame on the distribution, we will surely keep you updated on the status of your Airdrop tokens from time to time.

Our lines are open. You can chat with our customer support or send enquiries to

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