Join the CryptalDash Exchange Mega Airdrop NOW!

Get ready, there are FREE crypto coins coming your way.

CryptalDash Exchange, in partnership with our Coin Listing Competition winners, is hosting ONE MASSIVE AIRDROP.

How does it work, exactly?

Fairly easy, to be honest. Listen up.

First, go to our Mega Airdrop page:

As you can see, the mega airdrop offer is valid only until the end of the ICO, which is in 15 days.

Here are the participating coins:

When you join the Mega Airdrop, you get a chance to receive FREE coins from the following coins: eBitcoin (eBTC), CreamCoin (CRM), HTMLCoin (HTML), Bitcoin w/ Spectrum (BWS), MoonCoin (MOON), Nihilo Coin (NIHL), Version (V), Experience Points (XP), AdCoin (ACC), (BRO), PACCoin (PAC), and Unitus (UIS)

So after you get excited about getting free coins, go ahead and sign up.

After you verify your address, you will need to go through several tasks before you are officially part of the Mega Airdrop recipients pool.

The first task involves sharing about the Mega Airdrop on at least three social networks:

You have to accomplish the social sharing task before you can move on to the next. Go ahead and post about the airdrop on Facebook or Reddit, tweet, or send a Telegram message about it.

Once that’s done, you will be able to continue to the next task, which is following CryptalDash on various social media networks:

This is the last step: Activate your CryptalDash Exchange account.

When the Mega Airdrop finishes on June 19, you will receive the free coins from CryptalDash and the rest of the participating coins.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and join the Mega Airdrop NOW!

— —

CryptalDash Exchange ICO is now on its final phase and will finish soon.

Secure ICO tokens now before they sell out.


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