VIPSTARCOIN (VIPS) Wins Instant Listing at The CryptalDash Exchange

VIPSTARCOIN (VIPS) finished a successful run in Phase 8 of the Coin Listing Competition at The CryptalDash Exchange.

Backed by its active community, VIPS accumulated 100,000 points earning it an instant listing at the Exchange.

VIPS will be integrated into the Exchange and be paired with other coins for trading.

Congratulations and welcome to CryptalDash, VIPS!

A project that started in Feb. 2018, VIPS aims to make payment easier using QR codes. Its initial supply is currently 60 billion. Learn where VIPS is headed here:

How to win an instant listing at CryptalDash?

  1. Join the next phase of the Coin Listing Competition. We are moving to Phase 9. Watch out for our teaser and announcements on it and a new coin listing page being put up, too.
  2. Gather your community to actively participate in the tasks to earn 100000 points.

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