CryptantCrab and Lumi Wallet Partnership

Mar 20 · 2 min read

CryptantCrab, one of the first Blockchain Games designed and developed in Southeast Asia is expanding the reach to new users across the blockchain space. With the latest partnership with Lumi Wallet, players will now have an easy access to Blockchain Collectibles through the “Mobile Metamask” as it is known.


CryptantCrab is a blockchain game released by a veteran game developers Appxplore (iCandy) under the publicly listed iCandy Interactive (ASX:ICI). Adding a unique twist to the Crypto Collectible genre, CryptantCrab allows players to mutate and transform the different parts of their Crab to turn them into ferocious fighters that can challenge one another for supremacy.

This comes just in time as the combat system is about to be released in April 2019. The new feature brings all the invested Mutations and Xenografts performed into action and lets loose your Crab in the field of battle. Players will soon be able to participate in battles and win amazing rewards such as new CryptantCrabs and Cryptant. The collaboration with Lumi Wallet will now allow players to join the action on the go with a simple tap on their your mobile device.

Lumi Collect

The ERC-721 wallet and Dapp browser from the creators of Lumi Wallet was made for storing, displaying, and managing all interactions within your favourite Blockchain Games. Available on the AppStore and Google Play for free, The Lumi Collect app will allow CryptantCrab players to Mutate, Xenograft and battle others when the combat feature is released in April.

The Lumi Collect app is available for free download in the AppStore and Google Play, and it is equipped with its in-app browser so that users can enjoy their blockchain games entirely on their device for a complete mobile gaming experience. You will also be able to perform all the actions with your CryptantCrab from Xenografts to Mutations and the upcoming battles right within the app itself. You can also use the wallet as a regular Ethereum wallet for any transactions to control your digital assets.

This partnership with Lumi Collect opens up CryptantCrab to an extended Blockchain Gamer community and expands the reach of CryptantCrab to new audiences. This will make the unique creature collectible and combat of CryptantCrab accessible to everyone regardless of investment volume, technical understanding or experience in the crypto space.

As CryptantCrab releases new functions and interactions among players, this will allow the easy access via Lumi Collect App for players to interact with their Crabs and other players in the ecosystem. The high level of privacy and security available with Lumi Collect allows players to join and interact in the CryptantCrab community with peace of mind.

This collaboration between Lumi Collect and CryptantCrab is another step for the Blockchain Gaming community to extend its reach into the general gamer population and improve adoption of Blockchain Gaming.


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