CryptantCrab Bounty Opens; Details of Pre-Sale Announcement Within


Early Adopters will be able to obtain awesome and unique bundle offerings and free goodies!

Months and months of development and hard work is coming to fruition as CryptantCrab officially opens its Bounty event. Before going into the specifics, let’s recap what this blockchain game is about!

CryptantCrab is a collectible PVP web-based video game that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. It takes its inspiration from the traditional Asian pastime of collecting and raising fighting fish. Unlike the age-old hobby that is still popular in Southeast Asia to this day, the focus is on digital crabs and their abilities to mutate and do battle. Both features will raise the fighting prowess and overall stats of these virtual crustaceans, reinforcing the concept of true ownership for these CryptantCrabs.

Here’s an awesome video trailer that summarizes the basic gameplay:

Excited? Well, now there is more reason to be as the Bounty event for CryptantCrab is open to all with one CryptantCrab, worth 0.5 ETH (subject to pre-sale pricing and market forces), up for grabs. This event takes place three weeks before the Pre-Sale extravaganza. Here’s the link:

Indeed, the Pre-Sale is set for October 25 2018! Those purchasing CryptantCrabs during this event will get the following:

Gamers just need to create an account with their MetaMask Wallet (an easy guide is available on, join the game, get Ether — one of the more popular crypto-currency, purchase their crabs, and start mutating! The in-game resource, Cryptant, can be bought outright at the Crab Shop or through fights.

Bonus tip: Now’s your chance to get one FREE Cryptant (estimated worth: 0.05 ETH*) if you sign-up today! This is valid until pre-sale opens on October 25 2018!!

(*Rough estimate based on pre-sale and market forces.)

Beyond that, the way the game looks, thanks to the stylized art and stunning designs used, makes it more desirable than other blockchain-powered collectibles. This makes the collectible experience more attractive as the graphics will appeal to most gamers — be it hardcore or casual.

Of course, like any true collectible, players can sell some of their collection to earn back some Ether and get more CryptantCrabs. Equally as fun is the battling aspect, a feature that allows users to pit their crabs in a one-on-one fight that will yield experience points and Cryptant. This is one of easier ways to raise the overall stats of these virtual crabs.

For more stories on CryptantCrab, head on over to the Medium page. For those who want to join the Bounty, dive on in here: