CryptantCrab Q1 2020 Update

UI Improvements, Team Expansions, Mega Growth, Crit Combos

Feb 11 · 2 min read

Kicking off Q1 2020 are 2 Quality of Life changes and 2 Brand New Features named “Mega Growth” and “Crit Combo”.

UI Improvement

Starting off the update is a UI improvement long-requested by the community. We will be adding a Stamina Display to the interface when you edit your Arena Teams.

Team Slot Expansion

From Arena 62 onwards, the number of basic teams available will be increased to 9 slots.

Players on the VIP Pass will have access to 9 additional slots, coming up to a grand total of 18 available teams.

With Mega Growth, a Full Set CryptantCrab can now increase their Growth Points (GP) past 8GP.

Mega Growth

Mega Growth is a new feature that allows players to increase the Growth Points (GP) of a Full Set Crab and surpass the limit of 8 GP.

To perform a Mega Growth, simply navigate to the profile of a Full Set Crab you own, then select the option.

By spending 10 Cryptant and 1 matching Full Set, the Main Crab will receive 1 new GP assigned randomly to HP, DPS or Block. The matching Full Set is then transformed into a coveted Relic, an equitable item that provides a 10% stat boost in battles.

The Mega Growth process can be repeated until a Crab reaches its maximum potential of 15 Growth Points (5 GP max per stat).

Crit Combo

A Crit Combo is a combination of CryptantCrabs that will work especially well together in the Battle Arena.

At the start of each Arena, 3 Crit Combo pairings will be randomly generated. Teams with a matching pair will receive a powerful stat boost of 50% to HP, DPS or Block depending on the crit combo matched.

Form powerful teams and reach new heights in the Arena!

Updates scheduled for release on February 17th 2020 GMT 08:00


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CryptantCrab brings crypto games the next level with elemental affinities, legendary mutations and vibrant crustacean clashes. .

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