Introducing Challenge - CryptantCrab

Aug 5 · 2 min read

Challenge is a feature allowing players to steal points from their competitors, adding a whole new dimension to CryptantCrab Battles.

Whenever a Player reaches 500 points, they become ‘Challenge-eligible’. All arena participants, regardless of rank, will be able to send their Crabs to attack the player for their hard-earned Arena points!

Basically, Challenge lets you steal scores from opponents with 500 points and above!

If you manage to beat the opponent’s Core Team, you’ll gain 6 EXP per crab and also steal two of their best scores.

To challenge an opponent, simply tap the Red Shield next to their username, then select a team to send. Each challenge requires 3 stamina.

Challenge Results can be either defensive or offensive, represented by a shield icon or sword icon. A max total of 40 points can be stolen per challenge, creating a 80 point gap between you and the defender!

But, the reverse is true. Once you reach 500 points or above, you could be challenged! This is where your core team comes in…

Core Team

To set up a defense team, you will need to elect a Core Team.

Your core team guards your hard-earned arena scores from challengers. Simply click on the letters (A, B, C etc.) next to your Team Name to elect a Core Team. Once selected, the team will be outlined as shown. You can change your Core Team at any time.

Core Teams don’t gain any points or EXP from successful defenses, but they do help secure your points and does not use up any stamina.

Remember, every challenge attempt expends 3 stamina per crab, so choose your attackers and opponents wisely!


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CryptantCrab brings crypto games the next level with elemental affinities, legendary mutations and vibrant crustacean clashes. .

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