CTAT Token Distribution Update

Cryptassist would like to advise that distribution to contributors is complete. All wallets will be audited before unlocking to ensure that the correct amount of CTAT has been distributed.

A minority of contributors wallets are still undergoing synchronization on the network and developers are currently investigating this. However, your wallet balance appears in the top left corner of your control panel and if you click on your wallet address you will be connected to Etherscan which displays the transaction.

Once auditing and synchronization is complete your wallets will be unlocked and your CTAT may be moved to an ERC20 compatible wallet of your choice, or, your CTAT may be left in your Cryptassist control panel. You are encouraged to enable 2FA if not already done.

Distribution of CTAT to bounty members has commenced and bounty members are reminded that they will be locked for 3 months after the first CTAT exchange listing.

If you are a contributor and a bounty member your bounty will be distributed to the same address as your contribution, but only the bounty tokens will remain locked.

Contributors that believe they have received the wrong balance of CTAT in their wallets should email: support@cryptassist.io. Your enquiry will be investigated and after that is performed, support staff will advise you via email of the result and any wallet adjustment.

Please only use the supplied email to contact Cryptassist, as admin cannot investigate wallet enquires. Thank you for your cooperation.

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