Update from Cryptassist

The Cryptassist Team would like to advise that there has been some delays with listing on exchanges, but are still working diligently to achieve quality listings for the benefit of all CTAT holders.

These delays have been mainly caused by the transition from the ICO Team to the Development Team, relocation of office and exchange terms. The current unfavorable market conditions have also considerably impacted on the timing of the launch of CTAT.

We also understand that there has been some issues with bounty participants balances showing on their control panels. This is being addressed and will be rectified for those affected. Bounty participants are also reminded that your CTAT is locked in your wallets for 3 months from the first exchange listing.

The Cryptassist Team would like to apologize for any unforeseen delays and assure all CTAT holders that the team is working on the project development.

We would all like to wish you a Happy New Year for 2019 and like you, hope for stability and measured growth in the market.

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