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As the platform renewal continues gaining momentum, we receive daily questions about the date and the program of the upcoming landmark event for the platform members.

We believe that this event will become a true revolution in the minds of all its participants. It will initiate a completely different stage of the project’s development and mark its transition to a totally new level. And that’s exactly why we don’t yet reveal all the details about it. We want to move to this new level together with you — with those who believe in our platform’s huge potential and want to create its history.

We have come a long way, as a result of which Cryptaur’s technical platform was completely redesigned in accordance with the plan developed by the Cryptaur team and approved by the founder Dmitry Buriak.

The restart moment is near, and we want the project’s core, those people who passed together with us through the difficult time of renewal and preferred a long-term success to a short-term profit, to be generously rewarded for their trust. We want those who take part in the event and receive first-hand the new knowledge and tools to get a step ahead of the rest, becoming the new concept’s first carriers, so that they could be then able to bring it to their communities and to leverage its advantages to build their business.

The upcoming event will become a full renewal of all the aspects of the Cryptaur project. Its detailed program will remain a secret for some more time and will be announced shortly before the event. We are confident that it will provide new, real, exciting, and easy business opportunities to all its participants, and of course, will pleasantly surprise them with fantastic prizes and wonderful gifts. A new foundation will be laid for a most significant leap forward in the project’s whole history. Follow the news, an incredibly interesting time is coming!

With best wishes,
your Cryptaur team

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