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Today we will talk in more detail about the marketplace which we consider the basis of Cryptaur’s updated concept, focusing on the new advantageous opportunities it provides you with.

First of all, you can expect an exponential growth of the offering of goods and services available for CPT tokens. For example, you can spend CPT to pay for restaurant meals, household services, or consumer goods. Not less important is a unique opportunity to expand the platform’s offering with your own goods and services, which will become available to any entrepreneur, be it the ecosystem’s current or future participants.

In addition, making purchases through the Cryptaur ecosystem will always be significantly cheaper than through traditional platforms. Following our long-term vision, we continue working on eliminating middlemen from the producer to consumer chain, and the updated concept will enable the platform’s users to save from 10 up to 70–80 percent of product price.

In the traditional market model, companies pay good money to middlemen such as integrators or advertising platforms for promoting goods and services and acquiring new users. In contrast to this, the Cryptaur marketplace’s partners will get this opportunity completely free. To make it possible, we developed a unique loyalty program aimed at helping partners to attract and retain customers. Its implementation and maintenance will also be provided to ecosystem partners for free.

As we have said, no complex technical integration will be necessary to connect a business to the new marketplace. It will be sufficient to provide a description of goods and services, photos / videos, and contact details. Of course, partners will need to accept the platform’s rules and quality criteria.

Now our dev team is actively working on upgrading the platform. Technically the service will be implemented as a catalog of partners located directly in the user’s personal account, that is, it will be accessible to each ecosystem member without any additional efforts. Cryptaur LifeWise project will become one of the new marketplace’s partners after its product line is updated.

We will announce the start date and conditions of accepting new partners to the ecosystem in the nearest future. And this is not all. Very soon, you will learn the details of the upcoming opening of Cryptaur’s new places of physical presence in Vietnam to help implement the updated project concept. Follow the news!

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