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Should Facebook Pay Everyone Cryptocurrency for Data?

As most revolutionary projects do, it started out as a rumor. Facebook started hiring for a secretive new department, and everyone who joined it was required to sign non-disclosure agreements. Kept sequestered away from the rest of the business, this mysterious new project definitely got tongues wagging in Palo Alto. Of course, as everyone knows, this new project was taking form right about the time that the company was suffering from some of the worst PR it’s ever received. With privacy issues abounding and the #DeleteFacebook taking over Twitter, it definitely wasn’t a great time for the tech giant. But it wasn’t long before the purpose of the new initiative started to leak out into Silicon Valley. Facebook was building its own stablecoin, a type of cryptocurrency tied to the U.S. dollar.

Attracting Some of the Best Tech Talent Around

Crunching the Numbers

Addressing the Issue of Adoption

The Crypto Community Reacts with Skepticism

The Biggest Shift Since Mobile

A Bold Array of Implications


A Game Changer for Developing Countries

Will Facebook Find Itself Bumping Up Against Regulations?

Facebook’s Brave New World

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