Over the past week, the Bitcoin price has risen by 2.65% and again broke through the $60,000 level. But at the same time, the trading volume continued to decline and now stands at $45 billion per day. Bitcoin’s dominance in the market fell sharply from 61% to 53%. This was due to the massive growth of altcoins.

The main event of the week was the return of XRP to the Top-5 cryptocurrencies by capitalization. This was due to the rapid growth from $0.63 to $1.50. Thus, the growth amounted to 150% for the week. This was all driven by the good news for the XRP.

First, the judge granted a petition by XRP management… Click here to learn more

Over the past day, the price of Bitcoin has grown by 3% and reached $58,000. Altcoins followed the growth dynamics of Bitcoin and also increased in price. Ethereum approached again historical highs, XRP broke through an important psychological mark of $1, BNB confidently consolidated above $400.

Yesterday it became known that Tether has released 2 new batches of 500 million USDT each. The trading volume of this stablecoin has grown by 50% since the beginning of April and now stands at almost $100 billion per day. Let’s see if this is a signal for a new round of growth for Bitcoin:

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Today we continue to talk about our experiment with rebalancing a portfolio from the Top-5 cryptocurrencies. Last week, our portfolio was just over $57,000. It is the largest value during our experiment. Let’s see how the state of our portfolio has changed over the past 7 days:

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Bitcoin price continues to fluctuate in a narrow range of $57,000 — $59,000. Volatility has already decreased and the chart finally turned into a sideways movement. This has allowed many altcoins to grow by hundreds of percent over the past week.

Tron and the projects built on its blockchain have distinguished themselves especially strongly this week. So, the BitTorrent project moved up to the 10th line by one due to its rapid growth, but the very next day, it dropped back to 22nd place by capitalization.

TRX also showed strong momentum and gained 100% over the week. What is the…

Bitcoin has grown by 1.5% over the past 24 hours and is trading near the $59,000 mark. Trading volume has grown significantly by 20%, and now amount to more than $60 billion per day.

Market growth in recent days has allowed the crypto market to break the $2 trillion mark for the first time. It took only three months for the cryptocurrency market capitalization to double, from 1 trillion to 2 trillion.

For the past three days, the entire market has shown significant growth, with the exception of Bitcoin. Let’s see if this is worth expecting from the first cryptocurrency:

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Over the past week, Bitcoin has stormed the $60,000 mark several times but has been constantly rolling back down. However, last week the price of the first cryptocurrency has increased by 5% and is now around $58,000. At the same time, the main attention was focused on Ethereum, which broke through $2,000 and set a new all-time high.

A lot of big news came from corporations and big investment funds. First of all, it should be noted that the largest payment company in the world…

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Over the past day, the price of Bitcoin has grown by 1% and reached $60,000 again. However, then the chart retraced slightly and is now trading at $59,500. The trading volume has grown significantly in recent days.

Ethereum has also broken the important psychological $2,000 mark and is gearing up to storm ATH. We have previously warned that we expect to see it this week. Now we will take a look at the Bitcoin chart in order to understand in which direction its price will move further:

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Over the past day, the price of Bitcoin has increased slightly — by 2.5%. Thanks to this, the chart has consolidated above the key level of $58,000 and continues to remain there at the moment. Less than 5% is left to the all-time high and Bitcoin can test it again any day.

However, we talked about this in yesterday’s article, but today we want to analyze the chart of the second cryptocurrency — Ethereum. Let’s analyze price movements and see what you can expect from the price of the largest blockchain platform:

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Over the past day, the price of Bitcoin has shown steady growth and increased by 4%. Trading volume reached $60 billion per day. Many altcoins also increased following the first cryptocurrency.

Will Bitcoin continue to rise or will the chart turn down again? Let’s take a look:

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Over the past week, the price of Bitcoin has decreased by 3.80% and is now near $55,000. Trading volume has continued to decline since the beginning of 2021. Bitcoin’s dominance in the crypto market also fell and dropped below 60%. All this happened despite the fact that last Monday, it became known that Tesla began to sell its cars for Bitcoins…

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