$15.5 for one CRPT token: can you imagine?

Mar 26, 2018 · 2 min read

As you know, we have recently launched a contest to celebrate the coming of CRPT tokens to the HitBTC exchange. Anyone can post their prediction of the price for CRPT tokens in 6 months’ time for a chance to win $100 000 here.

So far, the average price that is predicted by participants is $15.5 per CRPT token!

We are delighted by this support from our community. Thank you for believing in Crypterium! We will do our best to fulfil your expectations.

CRPT tokens are going to be listed on their first exchange, HitBTC, in just 6 hours. It is a crucial step towards Crypterium’s goal.

What is the point of exchange platforms?

In order to reach a wider audience and let more people use its services, Crypterium has to list CRPT tokens on exchange platforms. CRPT tokens are the only currency that will be used to pay the crypto-fiat transaction fee in payment infrastructure. At the same time, a small amount of tokens will be destroyed by the smart contract with every transaction — as a result, the amount of active tokens will be constantly decreasing. The total amount of tokens issued is 99,983,677. All tokens were issued just after Crypterium’s ICO; no further CRPT token emission will happen ever.

Every CRPT token holder will have full access to all services provided by Crypterium’s app. Having had the largest ICO in history by token buyers, Crypterium is still capable of reaching a much larger potential audience — millions of people, including those who have never even heard of Crypterium’s ICO.

Generally speaking, had Crypterium done nothing to get CRPT tokens listed in various exchanges, the market for those tokens would still emerge. This would, however, be a wild and uncivilized process. Transactions would be carried out on dubious sites with no guarantees and with a high risk of getting scammed.

Exchange platforms offer a regulated and transparent way to trade tokens. For those who need CRPT tokens but did not purchase them during the sale period, exchanges are the place to go to.

You will soon — in fact, in just 6 hours — be able to buy CRPT tokens from the original token holders, who purchased them during Crypterium’s ICO.

Make sure to follow us on social media to get all the future updates on Crypterium’s progress.

With Crypterium, you have made the right choice. A bright future awaits!


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