CRPT tokens distribution: beta stage is going on now!

The Crypterium team is happy to announce the long-awaited news: on November 14, CRPT token distribution will go live in its beta stage!

Token withdrawal requests will be available from your Crypterium account in a few days’ time.

Please note the following:

  1. On November 14, 2017, the beta stage of token distribution will begin. What it means is that we’re going to manually test the technological process of token distribution in order to make sure that all stages of token withdrawal function properly. Tokens withdrawn during the beta period will be completely identical to the ones that will later be available for withdrawal through your account.
  2. During the beta period, users who have purchased more than 5000 tokens are eligible to submit a withdrawal request. Withdrawal requests are to be submitted in free form via email:
  3. Our support will make sure to process your request as soon as possible; however, we cannot guarantee fast request processing during the beta period. Also, we cannot say for sure how many requests we will be able to process during the beta period, but we’ll try our best to process all of them.
  4. Beta participants will notice that their account token balance will not decrease even after withdrawing the tokens to an ETH wallet; that’s perfectly normal, and the balance will be updated within the next several days. When submitting your withdrawal request during the beta period, please note that all the tokens on your account will be withdrawn; it won’t be possible to withdraw only a part of your CRPT tokens.
  5. To withdraw your tokens, you need to pre-configure your ETH wallet to make sure it recognizes CRPT tokens.

а) It’s easy if you use MyEtherWallet. Our token has been added to the list of “standard” tokens on It means that now you have no need to input CRPT token parameters manually.

b) If you use a different wallet, please make sure it recognizes CRPT tokens.

Save the following CRPT token parameters on the wallet:

Token Contract Address: 0x80a7e048f37a50500351c204cb407766fa3bae7f

Token Symbol: CRPT

Decimals: 18

9. That’s it — your ETH-wallet is ready to work with CRPT tokens

If you have any questions, our 24/7 support team is ready to answer them on Telegram.

Within the next few days, we’re going to announce the date when standard token withdrawal will become available.

Yours truly, the Crypterium team.