Crypterium App Update: Litecoin and other additions

May 14, 2018 · 2 min read

Each and every app update matters: behind every minor improvement, there’s a massive technological system that will soon manifest as the world’s first cryptobank.

In this edition of App Update we’ll tell you about the QR code scanner that helps to make Crypterium App one of the most user-friendly payment solutions, and new currencies that we’ve added.

Now let’s go to the details:

  • Litecoin is now available for payments. LTC is the 4th cryptocurrency that you can receive, retain and transfer via Crypterium. Being a massively popular cryptocurrency with a total market value of over $9 billion, Litecoin doesn’t currently have its own payment solution. Still, many people are looking to make LTC payments online. Their wish has been granted: Crypterium app will soon allow single-click LTC payments. For now, LTC is only available in test mode; it will be fully functioning in a week’s time.
  • Account balance can now be displayed in Australian Dollars. We’ve got good news for our users from Australia: you can now view your balance not only in US Dollars, Euro or British Pounds, but also in Australian Dollars. More currencies, both fiat and crypto, are to come in the next updates.
  • QR code scanner added to the main page. In order to make our app as intuitive and user-friendly as possible, we’ve added the QR code scanner to the main page. Being a convenient and innovative solution, QR codes are on the rise — particularly in China where the amount of mobile payments is projected to reach $47 trillion in 2019. With Crypterium, paying via QR codes is now available to crypto holders, too. Just launch the app on your smartphone, scan the QR code and make the payment — it’s that easy.

Crypterium app is already available in Google Store and AppStore, with the fully-fledged release version well on its way. Join us to bridge the gap between

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