Crypterium FAQ


Hi there! We’ve updated our FAQ because of Crypterium’s hardcap.

Token withdrawal

How can I check my current withdrawal status?

You can check your withdrawal status in the “Payments” section. In order to do that, you should first log onto our website,

After logging in, you can see your dashboard. On the right side of the screen you can see your actual balance. If the withdrawal of your tokens has begun, you will see “withdrawn” written just under your balance. It only means that your withdrawal process has been initiated.

In order to check the current status of your withdrawal, you have to visit the “Payments” section. To do it, just click on “Payments” overlap.

You will see a table with all your payments. In order to check your current withdrawal status, find the “Token withdrawn” type of payment and look at the “Description” column. You can see one of three different statuses there:

  1. Tokens withdrawing fault. It means that your transaction has had some troubles during the Ethereum blockchain overload. We will manually fix that issue for you as soon as time permits, so please be patient and don’t open a support ticket regarding the issue. Just give us some time.
  2. Tokens withdrawing. It means that your tokens are in queue for withdrawal. If you can see your TxHash under the “Actions” column, your transaction is already in the blockchain. If you can’t see your TxHash there, your transaction is still waiting to be processed.
  3. Tokens withdrawn. It means that your tokens are already on your third party wallet. If you can’t see them, try to add a custom token to your wallet. Remember to provide the following information:
  • Token Contract Address: 0x80a7e048f37a50500351c204cb407766fa3bae7f
  • Token Symbol: CRPT
  • Decimals: 18

How can I withdraw my tokens?

In order to withdraw your tokens, all you need to do is provide your wallet address on our website!

Remember that you should provide an ERC20-supporting wallet address. If you do not have one, you can select a wallet from the list below:

  • MyEtherWallet (no download needed);
  • MetaMask (Firefox and Chrome browser addon);
  • Mist (Desktop);
  • Parity (Desktop);
  • imToken (iPhone);
  • imToken (Android).

Tutorials on using these wallets can easily be found on Google.

MyEtherWallet and ImToken have CRPT tokens listed as standard ones, so you do not need to prepare your wallet before the withdrawal. If you wish to use a different wallet, check out this guide:

Remember that it is better to withdraw your tokens to a third party wallet as soon as possible: while you won’t lose any of your funds if you wait too long, it will be harder to initiate the withdrawal procedure at a later date.


I bought CRPT tokens before the end of the sale. What should I keep in mind?

Having become a CRPT token holder, don’t forget to withdraw your tokens to your ETH wallet. In order to do that, please specify your ETH wallet address in your account details. You can find a guide on token withdrawal to ETH wallets here. After the end of the token sale, you will still be able to view your transaction history and withdraw tokens from your account on the token sale platform.

Tokens will be withdrawn and activated within 10 business days since the end of the sale. It means that on January 20, 2018, the tokens will not only appear in your ETH wallet but will also be available for transfers.

I haven’t specified my ETH wallet address. What should I do?

In case you don’t provide us your ETH wallet address till January 18, 2018, you’ll still be able to get your tokens later. To do that, you’ll have to contact us

I was too late for the token sale, but I’m still willing to become a CRPT token holder. What can I do?

If you were too late to buy CRPT tokens during the token sale, you’ll be able to do that on the open market which will appear in the nearest future without Crypterium’s direct involvement.

I made a payment in order to buy CRPT tokens before the end of the token sale, but it didn’t appear on my account on time. Did I manage to buy the tokens? What is going to happen to my payment otherwise?

In case your payment didn’t reach us on time, there are two possible scenarios:

  1. If your payment reaches us before January 18, it will be deposited and you will be able to purchase the tokens;
  2. Otherwise, your payment will be refunded. Please contact using the email address you specified when registering on our token sale platform.

I had some leftover funds on my account. Where have they gone?

On the day when the token sale ends, all money left on accounts will automatically be spent on CRPT tokens.

Please keep in mind that if your leftover account balance is lower than the cost of one CRPT token, it will not be refunded to you, becoming the Company’s revenue instead. The reason is that refunding such a small sum would imply losses (both for the Company and for the Purchaser) higher than the sum in question.

When​​ will ​​the ​​token​ ​start ​​trading ​​on ​​crypto ​​exchanges?

This should happen one to two months after the end of the token sale.


How to participate in the Crypterium ICO?

Easily! We have a step-by-step guide for you. If you need a personal assistance, please visit our Telegram group.

How to buy bitcoin?

  1. With credit or debit card — fast and easy

Good option for insignificant amounts. High fees.

2. Local buyers and sellers

3. Exchanges

4. You don’t have to buy bitcoins

Just register on, generate an invoice and send us a wire transfer using your local bank.

Do I need a bitcoin wallet?

No, you don’t need a wallet. You can get your personal bitcoin address for payments in your account on


What​​ is​​ Crypterium?

Crypterium is a revolutionary digital cryptobank with credit subtoken and open platform. Our goal is to provide a convenient banking experience all over the world using the power of blockchain technology and our experience in contactless mobile payment technologies.

How​​ does Crypterium ​​make ​​money?

Crypterium has a simple and sustainable transaction-based business model. We receive a profit from every merchants (not user) transaction.

How does Crypterium differ from other cryptobanks?

  1. We focus on contactless payments, because we believe that in the future plastic cards will not be needed. You can use our payment app right after installation, without a need to wait 2 weeks for your plastic card to arrive.
  2. We are focused on transactions. Our main goal is to create our own crypto-payment infrastructure based on blockchain technology that will significantly reduce the cost of transactions for merchants. We are confident we will achieve this task, because we have extensive experience in creating viable payment solutions.
  3. We are focused not only on working with the existing crypto community, which now consists of just a few million people, but also with an audience that is still only curious about the crypto-world and is afraid to buy crypto-currencies. We created a system, which will motivate millions of new users to connect with crypto-payments.

How about fiat services? Do you plan to work with fiat? If so, where do you plan to get the license?

In the beginning we plan to operate fiat transactions using the infrastructure of Visa/MasterCard linked to our application virtual cards which are issued by licensed banks-partners. Regarding the development of our own payment infrastructure, in some countries this service should get permission easily. We have several operational legal units in different countries, including in Estonia.

What is the difference between CRPT token and CRED subtoken?

These tokens have different emission types and purposes. Emission of the credit subtoken will be controlled by special algorithms. CRPT token emission is limited and carried out only once.


Which​​ crypto​ ​exchanges​ ​will ​​be​​ chosen?

It is hard to tell at this moment, but we plan to list the CRPT token on several top-tier exchanges.

When​​ will ​​the ​​token​ ​start ​​trading ​​on ​​crypto ​​exchanges?

This should happen one to two months after the end of the tokensale, which ends in mid-January 2018 (or sooner, if the token issue cap is reached).

What​ ​are ​​the ​​conditions ​​for ​​the tokensale?

The tokensale starts on October 31, 2017, and ends on January 13 (or sooner, if the token issue cap is reached). The minimum amount of tokens purchased during the tokensale is 75 CRPT tokens. The bonus during the tokensale is up to 33% of the purchase. To buy tokens, you will be asked to sign up at our website. The purchasing option will be available in your profile.

Which ​​payment ​​methods​ ​are ​​accepted?

Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and other cryptocurrency and tokens supported by

Are​​ CRPT​ ​tokens ​​ERC-20 ​​compatible?

Yes, CRPT tokens are based on the Etherium platform and are ERC20-compliant.

Where and how do I keep my tokens?

You can keep CRPT tokens in any wallet that supports ERC20 tokens. For example, in the MyEtherWallet.

How​​ many ​​tokens​​ will​​ be​​ available ​​during​​ the​​ token​​sale​​ and how​​ many ​​will ​​be ​​created​ ​in​​general?

The number of sold tokens cap at 210.000.000. Number of issued tokens cap at 300.000.000. For every 70 tokens sold, 15 additional tokens will be issued and retained for the reserved fund, 12 additional tokens will be issued and retained for the team, partners, and advisors, and 3 additional tokens will be issued and retained for the bounty program.

If​​ the ​​hard​​cap​ ​is ​​not ​​reached​​ during​​ the​ ​token ​​sale, ​​will ​​the remaining​​ tokens​ ​be​ ​destroyed?

Yes, the remaining tokens will not be issued.

Do you have a bounty program? Where can I find the bounty program details?

Yes, we do have a bounty program. More information about the program will be published on our blog on Medium (

This sounds like a scam — how do I know this is legit?

We are not a scam. We have a solid fintech-experienced team with a public success-story. With the help of strong advisors and your support we have everything to build a game-changing product.

When does the ICO start?

The ICO launches on October 31st 10:00 AM UTC-4 and will last for 75 days, ending on January 13th 10:00 AM UTC-4.

What is Crypterium’s tokensale hard cap?

We will not accept funds above 47 000 000 USD.

Can I contribute directly from an exchange?

Yes, you can.

In which countries can I use Crypterium?

You can use Crypterium Mobile Bank globally.

What exchange rate is used?

For the ICO we will use as a rates data provider.

How can I make sure that tokens will be given to me? Is there a contract?

There will be a public purchase agreement soon. After the end of ICO every participant will receive tokens to their ETH wallets in accordance with the purchase agreement and Ethereum-based smart-contract.

Are there any special bonuses?

Questions about bonuses are reviewed on the individual basis by our leadership team. Please, send us an email to

Is there a minimum amount of tokens I can buy?

Minimum amount during the tokensale is 75 CRPT tokens

If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask in our Telegram chat


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