Crypterium is Live on QRYPTOS. Here Are 5 Reasons Why We Chose This Exchange

Last week, we made the announcement of CRPT token getting listed on QRYPTOS exchange. There are at least five prominent reasons why Crypterium ultimately chose QRYPTOS over the other exchanges that offered us listing:

1. Huge potential

While today QRYPTOS is not among the largest exchanges by the trading volume, it’s just one step away from joining the top.

Next month, it will merge with QUOINEX, a crypto exchange launched in 2014 that quickly turned into one of the world’s largest Bitcoin exchanges by transaction volume. Even now, if you already have an account with QUOINEX, you can simply use it to log into QRYPTOS. In a month, they will become one.

The new exchange will be called LIQUID, and it will retain the advantages of both exchanges: the higher liquidity and fiat solutions of QUOINEX, as well as the minimal fees of QRYPTOS.

Imagine: just in a month, you will be able to buy and sell CRPT on one of the largest exchanges using not only cryptocurrencies but also fiat money. QUOINEX already allows the user to exchange crypto for numerous fiat currencies including US dollar, Euro, Japanese yen and Chinese renminbi.

2. Minimal fees

QRYPTOS’s distinctive advantage lies in its minimal fees for everything. It doesn’t charge any registration, deposit or withdrawal fees. Moreover, QRYPTOS offers market-taker fees of 0.15% and, in a unique move designed to generate initial liquidity, negative trading fees for market makers.

“As much as we enjoy working with HitBTC which was the first exchange to list CRPT tokens, we also want to give our users a lower-fee option. QRYPTOS suits this role perfectly: it gives Crypterium exactly what we are looking for in a crypto exchange, and it offers minimal fees to make users happy,” — explains Crypterium COO Austin Kimm.

3. QRYPTOS is a state-approved crypto exchange

We’ve recently told you about the position of crypto in Japan — a country that sets an example for the rest of the world regarding crypto security and legal regulation. Not only is the state generally favorable towards cryptocurrencies, but Japanese businesses themselves are constantly striving to utilize cutting-edge technologies and implement new formats.

In 2017, QUOINE, Japan’s current largest holding company and the owner of QRYPTOS, became the first global cryptocurrency venture to be officially licensed by the Japan Financial Services Agency.

Being officially approved by the Japanese government while state control over cryptocurrencies is getting more and more strict, QRYPTOS has all the chances to become one of the largest crypto exchanges in Asia.

4. QRYPTOS is known as a secure and user-friendly exchange

Despite its relatively young age, QRYPTOS is a well-developed platform that caters for the needs of its corporate clients and individual users alike.

The exchange’s matching engine is able to process almost a million transactions per second, while traders are offered a vast array of charting tools, trend indicators and other instruments of analysis. Add to this the fact that QRYPTOS utilizes two-factor authentication and an offline cold storage for funds with multi-signature wallets spread across dedicated private servers, and you get a platform where you don’t need to worry about the safety of your funds.

5. QRYPTOS will make it possible to buy CRPT directly on Crypterium’s website

The exchange offers numerous technological benefits to its partners. For instance, with the help of QRYPTOS’s own widget, you will soon be able to buy tokens right from Crypterium’s website in a single click: the transaction will be carried out through QRYPTOS but you won’t even have to visit the exchange.

What’s Next for Crypterium?

As we’ve stated before, exchange listings are mostly dependent on the exchanges themselves, not on Crypterium or its users. With that said, we are constantly working on scoring new listings and making them as impactful as possible, so we carefully analyze each potential exchange and consider the timing. Several more major exchanges are ready to list CRPT in the near future, and we expect to see at least 4 more listings by the end of 2018.

About Crypterium

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