Now officially: CRPT tokens coming to HitBTC!

Mar 22, 2018 · 2 min read
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We are happy to announce that beginning on Monday, March 26 our CRPT tokens will be available on the HitBTC exchange, one of the biggest exchanges operating since 2013.

Crypterium is aimed to provide the most convenient cryptocurrency payment services. But our business model assumes that only tokenholders can use full range of Crypterium services. In order to enlarge Crypterium’s userbase, it was decided to list CRPT tokens on an exchange, which will help new people to use Crypterium services.

In order to reduce the risk of internal exchange rate volatility for our customers, we chose to integrate with high volume exchanges. We knew the value of selecting the right, trusted partner in an exchange was paramount for ensuring success and safety for our customers, and the HitBTC exchange’s strong security, easy to use interface, and speed of transaction made the choice clear.

“We’re very pleased to have teamed up with the HitBTC exchange to make our tokens available to all,” said Co-founder and Financial Director, Austin Kimm. “They are one of the most advanced cryptocurrency exchanges for trading and will help continue Crypterium’s success.”

Nevertheless, HitBTC is one of the many exchanges Crypterium is working with. All of the bigger exchanges require new tokens to be listed elsewhere first with good evidence of activities before they accept a new listing. Long lead-in periods are also possible on certain platforms due to listing backlogs. Being listed on a wide range of exchanges is a very important part of Crypterium’s operating model since its users need to own CRPT tokens. It must, however, be a step-by-step controlled process. After the first listing, others will soon follow, letting Crypterium naturally expand its platform user base.

No specific dates can be set for getting listed on various exchanges. Crypterium’s priority is to let its users freely trade CRPT tokens on their preferred exchange platforms; the order and speed of listings roll-out is not as important.

You will soon be able to buy CRPT tokens from the original token holders — those who purchased them during Crypterium’s ICO. So, get ready for Monday — that’s when CRPT tokens are coming to HitBTC — and make sure to follow us on social media to get all the future updates on Crypterium’s progress.

With Crypterium, you have made the right choice. A bright future awaits!

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