Now officially: it’s the hardcap!

Jan 6, 2018 · 4 min read

Isn’t it amazing?

At the end of last year, when Bitcoin’s price skyrocketed to $20 000, we got really close to reaching the hardcap. But it was yesterday’s explosive growth — from $14 000 to $17 000 for 1 Bitcoin — that sealed the deal and led to an early finish of Crypterium’s token sale. Wow!

We even managed to go a bit over the hardcap limit. When tokens are sold for Bitcoin but the hardcap limit is specified in USD, this is bound to happen at some point.

Crypterium’s team is delighted to state that the token sale ends with reaching the hardcap.

Today — after 13 weeks of hard work, sleepless nights, ups and downs — we can safely say that our ICO has not only reached its goal but has also surpassed our expectations, becoming one of the largest token sales in ICO history.

The past 3 months have been the most thrilling ones in my life. As Crypterium’s team, we’ve learned and achieved a lot. This wasn’t an easy journey by any means, but we endured it due to the team’s hard work and motivation: we all knew we were creating a product destined to help a huge number of people for years to come. The support we received from our community also worked wonders. We couldn’t even imagine we would get over 300 000 registered user accounts and consequently become one of the world’s largest ICOs based on the number of token holders.

We were unstoppable on our way to success, and we managed to reach all our goals — and even more than that.

Still, Crypterium’s success is, first and foremost, the result of coordinated effort from the project’s team, the tokenholders, the members of official and unofficial chats, the audience at conferences we made presentations at, the ones who believed in us and the ones who criticized us. Thank each and every one of you!

We should also thank our luck: to a certain extent, our success depended on a series of incredible coincidences (such as Bitcoin rate fluctuations). This was a truly epic token sale — I highly doubt other ICOs’ teams have ever experienced anything like that.

Gleb Markov, Co-Founder, COO Crypterium

Aside from finishing the token sale early, how else has Crypterium assumed market leadership?

Our token sale’s final stats speak for themselves. Since the start of the token sale on October 31, 2017, Crypterium has become one of the world’s largest ICO based on the number of buyers — over 60 000 people from more than 150 countries. Thank all of you! We’ve managed to create a devoted and helpful community: there are over 300 000 registered user accounts on our bookbuilding platform, while the number of our English chat members on Telegram exceeds 30 000. All these users are future clients of the service we’re going to launch during the first half of 2018.

If you were too late for the sale, don’t be sad: very soon, you’ll be able to buy tokens from those who have purchased them during the token sale (assuming that at least some CRPT token holders will be looking to sell their tokens, of course!). On January 20, 2018, CRPT tokens will be activated and ready for full-time use, including transactions within the Ethereum blockchain.

Being one of the co-founders of course I 100% believe in Crypterium and what we are trying to achieve. We have many competitive advantages and the market will be massive. But I am very pleasantly surprised by how much the public believe in Crypterium. Having a great idea and tools to deliver is one thing, getting other people to also believe is another.

The success of our ICO has been amazing and there is nothing stopping us now from releasing the most amazing platform, having a brilliant team, and working with the best partners. The best thing about an ICO is not the token sale, but the working partners that you build up. There are some amazing project out there that need our services and I can only see good things going forward.

Austin Kimm, Co-Founder, IR Director Crypterium

We would like to thank all of you for your support, your trust, your constructive criticism and your willingness to help our project.

The end of the token sale is also the start of a new journey — one that we hope to go on together with you!

And now, the most important thing for our users.

Firstly, we ask you to make no more payments to us or to our escrow. All further payments will be refunded, as specified by the Terms of the Token Sale. Don’t waste your time and money! As for the payments initiated before the point of reaching the hardcap (January 6, 2018, at 02:00 UTC -4), don’t worry: we will receive and process them as usual.

Secondly: starting January 7, 2018, we’ll start sending out your purchased CRPT tokens to your ETH wallets on a daily basis. Please make sure you’ve specified your correct ETH wallet address in your account details on the bookbuilding platform ASAP. If your ETH wallet address turns out to be wrong, we won’t be able to cancel the transaction and return the tokens to you.

Thirdly, if you still haven’t specified your ETH wallet address, it’s high time you did that! You’ve got time to do it till January 18, 2018 — after that, you’ll have to go through a much more complicated procedure to receive your tokens. Before you specify your ETH wallet address, please make sure your wallet supports the ERC20 token standard and is configured for receiving CRPT tokens according to our guide.

If you have any questions, look them up in our FAQ and feel free to consult us at

It’s just the beginning. Stay tuned!

Yours truly,

the Crypterium team.


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