“Sweet Crypterium will flow like sweet lava, Connecting me in shops from Paris to Sydney”— so go the lyrics of the song recorded by our new Vlog Contest winners

Jun 11, 2018 · 1 min read

Please welcome the new winners in our contest: Emily Kraudel, Andy Blatt and Brad Hodge. We’ve learnt the words to your song, which is now the unofficial hymn of our headquarters!

Your second prize in the vlog category is well-deserved. Thank you!


Is gonna change my game


Is my opium


Is gonna unchain my fame

Crypterium, built on ethereum,

Connects cryptoworld

To the real world,

The sails are unfurled,

The nfc’s are hurled,

The banks have evolved,

Currencies have revolved,

Countries borders are no more,

Crypterium lets my money soar,

Can hold my crypt in my private way,

Banks wont have any say,

Can head to starbucks for my java,

Sweet crypterium will flow like sweet lava,

Connecting me in shops from Paris to Sydney,

Fintech Finland is total turnkey

cryptobanks for cryptopeople,

Will sail from steeple to steeple.

Cryptobanks for cryptopeeps

Cryptobanks for cryptopeeps

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