Cryptfunder ICOStarter

The Cryptfunder ICOStarter is one product in the Cryptfunder family that is a decentralized funding source for startup ICOs and blockchain companies in exchange for their pre-ICO tokens or other arrangements.

It is intended to support and fund startups that are in need of funding to kickoff or continue their blockchain project. Funding needs can range from anything related to their ICO, technology that needs to be developed, testing and bug checks and all other related tasks to be performed.

Example Funding Needs for Startup or ICO Launch:

  • UI/UX designing
  • Blockchain and full stack consulting
  • Product/software R&D, development
  • Marketing, advertising and PR
  • Legal structuring, attorney and associated costs
  • Security, compliance, regulation and testing
  • Server clustering and network engineer
  • Coding and Auditing
  • Exchange Listings

The costs involved in launching a new startup in 2018 and beyond are increasing and thus present many funding opportunities for Cryptfunder. The ICOStarter product will receive applications for funding through our Online Application Module (slated development in Phase II prior to ICO commencement). Applicants will submit their funding requests via our multi-part, secure upload and save and return functionality application module.

Cryptfunder will then assign our research and due diligence team to filter and sort these applications to include only the best of the best applicants. We are looking for the most innovative, disruptive and trustworthy startups and can afford to be picky in the process. It is intended per our business plan to only fund 3–5 startups per month to be highly profitable in a buy and hold scenario for Cryptfunder and its’ token holders.

The proper level of funding has never been more crucial to the success or failure of a potential startup ICO. Cryptfunder will serve to solidify the confidence in blockchain projects by providing the proper amount of funding needed to launch a technological product or startup.

In funding startup projects with a real chance of success, we will bring more value and legitimacy to the market as a whole. Cryptfunder will also develop a profitable portfolio of token holdings in the process, benefiting Cryptfunder’s token CFND and our token holders’ positions.

Don’t miss Cryptfunder’s token offering launching May 25, 2018 @ 9pm UTC.

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