Introducing Cryptfunder: an ICO for ICOs

Cryptfunder (symbol: CFND) is a decentralized source of funding for startup initial coin offerings (ICOs) and other blockchain companies in various stages of development. We believe in the cryptocurrency culture and the potential of startup companies on the blockchain. Funding shortfalls have and will continue to be a serious issue facing startups in 2018 and beyond. Having the necessary funds to develop components of the ICO is crucial to their success. All too often, not having the needed funds for important ICO building activities hinders the project, sometimes permanently and irreparably.

This is where Cryptfunder comes into the picture. We will provide funding to those ICOs that are the worthiest and most disruptive technologies in exchange for their future tokens. Cryptfunder will receive applications for funding via our online ‘Application Module’ and then distill these candidate ICOs to 3–5 funding events per month in post-ICO. We will fund these disruptive ICOs using hard crypto assets and in turn, receive the startup ICOs tokens via custom coded smart contract.

Cryptfunder will serve as a primary holder of these tokens, many of which will be received even before pre-sale accredited investors have the opportunity. This is a massive advantage of scale that Cryptfunder will seek to take advantage of for the benefit of Cryptfunder and all of the CFND token holders.

The early-funding stage can make or break an ICO, and the entire project along with it. CRYPTFUNDER aims to revolutionize the cryptocurrency ICO funding process, bringing more competition to the market and giving a voice to the projects that deserve it. We will filter the best ICOs and handpick those with the greatest potential for success, following the advice of our expert, hand-picked team, due diligence and research staff.

By giving these projects our full support, we position these startup ICOs for greatness at a crucial and early stage. Incentivized by our personal stake in the project and token and our firm belief in the concept, team, and technology we will be funding, Cryptfunder will set the stage for our client’s projects to reach their greatest possible market value.

Cryptfunder will primarily hold these token assets for the long term. The reason behind this being that if we as a company did our jobs correctly, we should believe wholeheartedly in the startups we fund and are within the CFND family of holdings. As the Cryptfunder roadmap and projected timeline advances, the startups within our company will have increased value and potential and we will seek to hold these assets and let them mature to full potential for the benefit of Cryptfunder and its’ token holders.

Be part of the funding revolution. Cryptfunder has an ICO launch on May 25th, 2018 (9pm UTC) for a total crowdsale of 20M tokens available for purchase via 4 bonus stages and one normal stage.

Crowdsale starts: May 25th, 2018 —

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