Snapchat has actually started to make money!

Why Snapchat an important in your social Strategy

Yesterday Snapchat released a major update that brought advertisers to Snapchat officially with the discover section. What you probably didn’t realize is that Snapchat has been a valuable asset in social Media engagement since it came out. It’s a one to one way of communication where there is no group message or select all but the engagement rate is off the charts. You can also use it to drive engagement to other platforms that your brand is on by putting a creative non staged photo that drives engagement with a small amount of text saying something like “tweet us if ______”. The cool thing is people will actually do it because it’s a personal message that is almost one on one and they feel special with people engaging. So if your companies not on Snapchat open your smart phone and download the app and get on your hustle and start growing your following not for yourself but for your brand there is an IMPORTANT difference here between the two.

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