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Crypt Malone
Apr 22 · 5 min read
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As many of you will be aware, I attended CoinFestUK a couple of weeks ago which is a free cryptocurrency event, hosted in Manchester, UK. It was the first blockchain event that I have attended since joining the space and was a great way to network, meet new people and learn. Attending more events in the future is something I am actively looking to do and this is why I find it even more relevant to talk about the user experience of the FomoHunt platform. It has become clear that I now have a personal use case for FomoHunt in the future.

For the purpose of this review, I am going to break down the main pages of the FomoHunt website discussing the user experience and what each page offers to people like myself who are looking to attend events.

But first, what is FomoHunt?

“FomoHunt is all blockchain in one place. FomoHunt aims to be the central focal point bringing new voices into the world of Cryptocurrencies, through events, meetups, conferences, and hackathons.”

“We aim to provide an easy and fun user experience to the tens of thousands of active blockchain enthusiasts, and the million more waiting to join in the near future.”


Events is where users can simply search for events using keywords such as locations or names of the relevant event/conference/hackathon. I think that the search functionality is very user friendly and time efficient to quickly find events that are specifically relevant to the individual. The search functionality is prominent on the events page which I like as it makes it very difficult for the user to get lost on the website. I also like that the search bar and featured image on the homepage is a link to the events page which is the key focus of the site. This is important to me as finding events is going to be the main user journey for the majority of users who interact with the platform.

I also feel that the shear amount of events on the database contributes to a more positive user experience. Giving users a wide range of different events to consider attending is not a bad thing. It opens up more opportunities for users who either have more options as they could potentially stumble across an event that they didn’t even know existed.

Underneath the events page in the navigation bar is create events. I think this is an equally as important feature for FomoHunt as it meets the needs of the users who may not have an event local to them. It offers an alternative for users which enables them to take the issue into their own hands and provide a solution to their problem. Giving the user the opportunity to create their own event means that people potentially living in smaller cities don’t necessarily have to miss out on attending such events or even smaller meet ups. I understand a problem with this could be the lack of users who see the event in such small cities but as the FomoHunt user base continues to grow I hope this rectifies the issue.

Above the fold of the Events page.

People and Companies

The people and companies page (which has recently been renamed) is clear what I can expect from the page. I am a huge fan of this part of the website as it gives a social element which is completely relevant to an events based service. A personal use case of mine is being able to view events and look at the people who will be attending. This can open up opportunities to network with somebody online before the event which makes the first encounter in person that little less awkward. You instantly have something in common to talk about which can make a conversation much more natural!

A couple of potential user interface tweaks that I would recommend is placing a back button on the profile page. I think this makes the interface navigation easier to use and is a simple addition. I also recommend that the categories underneath the search functionality are reconsidered as there could potentially be people who fall outside of the category who only fit underneath ‘all’. Although this isn’t a problem as such I think that it is very easy to miss somebody who you could potentially be looking for as you are working your way through such a huge list of people and projects.

The categories that are mentioned above are highlighted in red.


Although the marketplace page doesn’t meet my personal needs, I definitely see a use case for it being included in the websites infrastructure. When I was browsing through the categories mentioned above I noticed one category named ‘merchants’. These merchants can potentially use the marketplace to advertise their products. I think people often buy merchandise at events and it gives the user the opportunity to purchase it online if they didn’t get the chance during the event itself or didn’t want to carry a piece of art around with them whilst having drinks later on in the evening!

I think the addition definitely meets certain user’s requirements and supports small companies and start ups in the space which is something that I can definitely get behind and support.

The marketplace showing some of the items for sale.


Firstly, I have to praise how the team have carefully thought about what additions they want to add to the platform. Adding the social element and marketplace are two features that definitely diversify the use case for FomoHunt and opens the platform up to many more people.

For me, it ticks the boxes for my personal use case. As a user I want to search for events that are relevant to me (geographically) and find the key information around the event such as time, date, location etc. This is something I can do and do easily. Additionally I want to see other attendees of events to see if there are any familiar faces attending or individuals I would like to network with for the first time. Again, this can be done very easily via FomoHunt.

Overall I do believe that the FomoHunt platform is a simple yet effective event management tool that will be a fundamental part of people’s ability to network at cryptocurrency events and meet ups. I personally feel that networking is a very underrated skill and completely agree with my friend here on his recent .

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  • I have not been paid by the FomoHunt team to write this article.
    This is something I volunteered to do due to my background in UX.
  • All opinions and views within this article are my own.
  • The article was created based on the website’s appearance on April 18th 2019.

Thanks for reading, Malone.