Gentarium : The future of Masternodes and Mining

Since DASH first introduced masternodes and many projects started embracing them, crypto experts have been forecasting that they are going to be huge in coming years.Today in this article,i will be introducing Gentarium and how it helps to take control of your Masternodes and ASICS

What are Masternodes?

Masternodes are computers that run a blockchain wallet and make decisions, such as locking transactions with InstantSend, coordinate mixing of coins for privacy , and voting on budget funding and governance.As a reward for there contribution to the network , the nodes are rewarded with a share of the block reward which is split proportionally between Masternodes and Miners.Anyone can setup an run a masternode but there are two barriers of entry , First one is locking up a collateral so that the owner of masternode does not try to cheat the system.Second one is that it requires a dedicated machine to run 24/7 , have a public IP and always connected to the internet.

Also an individual needs to have enough technical knowledge to be able to run and deploy a masternode

Gentarium Platform

Gentarium solves hosting problem by providing an automated deployment platform that allows the users to run a masternode using a wizard like UI.Not having to worry about the technical setup. The coins always stay in users local wallet , hence they need not to worry about sending coins to third party and enjoy daily MN rewards.They only require to pay a monthly fee of 7.5 dollars per month payable in GTM

it also provides a dashboard UI where users can see there portfolio value and daily earnings and ROI.

Shared Masternodes

Not having enough funds to host a masternode? GTM to the rescue. The platform will allow people to host a shared MN and they will be able to earn a share of the rewards based on there shared percentage

What are ASICS and mining?

Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) is an integrated circuit (IC) customized for a particular use, rather than intended for general-purpose use. For example, a chip designed to run in a digital voice recorder or a high-efficiency Bitcoin miner is an ASIC.

Since the inception of bitcoin and mining several crypto projects have evolved and led to evolution of a new industry called the Mining industry. There are group of Mining farms that run mining pools or mine for specific pools using specialised hardware containing ASICS and mining rigs.

The ASICs farm deployment takes a lot of time. At the moment, no tool has been proposed to solve this problem.

ASICs farm requires monitoring, providing fault-tolerance and prompt switching of coins, which is impossible in the current implementation of the many interfaces in ASICs managing.

GTM web panel for RIGs and ASICs management is designed to solve the problems of farm deployment, monitoring and management. With this service, it will be much easier for the miner to manage large farms, because now he manages all the components of his farm at a time, sees all their indicators, monitors the status of each component using monitoring systems and alerts.


The roadmap is quiet elaborate and they have been running ahead of time till now.

Coin specifications

Below are the coin specs

Official links

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MN Hosting Platform

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The project looks promising with a great DEV Team and platform beta version is very exciting . Looking for ward to the future of GTM