A Letter to Jamie Dimon

A very good read Adam. Thank you for taking the time. The ERC-20 token as a way for raising funds is probably the only single dapp on Ethereum that is currently being adopted on a meaningful scale. This alone is enough to drive the the valuation of the platform when we consider there is real economic value being created here that enables work to take place.

How the decentralised organisation evolves I think is one of the most intriguing aspects of the technology. I do have some concerns about how tightly coupled the exchange of crypto assets is to incentivising behaviours. It really plays to those who are best able to accrue such assets. Decentralised it maybe but right now it is most certainly not a level playing field. In the future, the way these assets are earned, acquired and recognised will be an important part on how any decentralised organisation benefits [its?!] society.

Like you, I would not be betting against crypto assets.

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