Artificial Intelligence Fueling Advanced Trading Platform: Exacoin

Artificial Intelligence to computers is what fire was to cavemen, it has the potential to change the way everything works. Imagine combining the processing and learning power of every person in the world and applying it to a single goal. Exacoin is doing exactly that, their AI plans to analyze over 1300 cryptocurrencies and their price movements to buy and sell signals to traders in real time and to also use an auto-trading bot operating with micro transactions to make money for members invested in their lending platform.

The applications of this are enormous with incredible upsides, lets get into the details.

At a glance:

Technical Data

The Product: 
Exacoin plans to produce a AI platform that analyzes markets to provide buy and sell signals to traders, it looks like this is already up and running which gives me massive confidence in how this will progress long term.

Examples of live signals for BTC available on their website.

This AI is the basis of their platform, on top of offering these signals to traders they will also be using an automated trading bot following these signals that will be providing to returns on members invested in their lending program. Over time as this AI learns its signals will become much more powerful and will be available across multiple other currencies.

Miners won’t be missing out on this either, 6m coins are pre-mined for the ICO which is very small, short term high yields are available for anyone who gets in at this level. The other 21m coins in the ecosystem will be available for PoS and mining which will provide an incentive for big mining money to maintain and grow the platform.

ICO Layout:
The ICO looks as though it will run across 5 rounds with a price increase between each round. There will be a limit to amount of coins offered each day and they state that any unsold coins will be burnt following the ICO (not going to happen, there wont be any left).

ICO Breakdown

There’s no bonuses or any inclusions on purchase just the price across the ICO rounds which I like, this shows that a working product will be a price driver and not just hype and discounts on an ICO.


Their lending structure is pretty standard as with most platforms, I believe this isn’t their primary target in the platform so they haven’t pumped this to be the main selling point. Rates are competitive and interestingly enough are looking to target serious whales investing 100k+. Loan terms are very generous with the max at 179 days for a $100 — $1000 loan down to 59 days for 100k+.

Loan Rates and Terms

The road map is generalized and rather than giving specific dates just shows time frames, this is healthy as its doesn’t have the community up in arms when date target isn’t met. Remember these things take time to develop and it looks as though Exacoin is looking to get things right the first time rather than rush out a sub standard product.


It looks like their lending platform is already up and running ready to launch following the ICO period with an internal exchange launching anywhere from January onwards. Note the target price of $20 which to me seems nice and conservative, once again they don’t seem to be wanting to grow purely from hype. Staking will be coming anywhere from June — September and it looks as though they will be releasing an external trading platform late 2018 along with a credit card. These guys look like they’re going to have it all!

Exacoin really looks like they’re trying to go against the grain on this one, their website is really professional and isn’t just the standard copy and paste we’ve seen from other lending platforms. Their back office looks great and I’ve done some looking around throughout and there doesn’t seem to be any bugs at all. Usually with these ICO’s there’s an issue I can find fault with but Exacoin hasn’t given me one in the slightest, to be completely honest i’m shocked as to how professional they really are and proves to me that they’re looking to get things right the first time.

Back Office

Exacoin is exceeding all my expecations and I predict this to rival the likes of Bitconnect going into 2018. If you’re interested sign up with my affiliate link and tell your friends and family because you won’t want to miss out on this one.

Trust Level: 9.5/10 I didn’t think I would give one of these but I can’t fault them anywhere, perfect English, flawless website and realistic goals not just hype. 0.5 Deducted due to no listing of the Dev team although I don’t read too much into this. It’s crypto and anonymity is key

Profit Target: I’m going to playing this one differently than my usual strategy as this is the first platform I actually believe in 95%. I’ll be buying up as much as possible in the ICO phase, upon exchange release ill be selling 10% of my position with a target of 15x–20x from there on out i’ll be riding the wave staking for at least a year, this looks like it’s going to be very long term

Yearly Profit Target: 100x+

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