Eigencoin and Its Long Term Viability

Late 2017 has been a big time for lending platforms, there seems to be a new one every week each offering their own shiny new ideas. Their selling points are big profits, 1%+ per day. Now I’m not saying this isn’t achievable but it definitely isn’t sustainable.

Then along came Eigencoin. This one stands out more than the others and here’s why.
At a glance

  1. Complete transparency; The dev team actually went on record in an interview featured on Cryptobouse’s Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ucmyweu3aKA&t=1149s
  2. Their goal is long term sustainable growth, they’re not trying to promise massive gains but instead to develop trust in their system to provide long term returns to their investors.
  3. Multi income streams which in turn provide security. They don’t just rely on some vague volatility trading bot to provide some BS returns they actually diversify. They will have and investment branch, advertising revenue and a premium content portal (kind of like steemit).
  4. Now this is the real kicker than makes me extremely bullish on this venture. A bi-annual buy back program; every 6 months they will take 10% of their profits and buy back their tokens to just burn them, this will do two things, decrease the supply and increase the demand, which we all know what that will do with the price. I’m talking sky high.

They have a bunch of similar features to other platforms, staking is available at a modest 22%, variable loan terms and bonuses although these are able to be selected by the user and not dictated by amount loaned and last but not least they have an early loan finish option where you can end your loan early for a small fee.

Overall I am extremely bullish on Eigencoin, I got into these lending platforms when Bitconnect first came out and I’ll tell you that this is one of the only platforms I have seen since then that I actually have any faith in to be able to sustain itself long term.

Anyway round 2 starts tonight at .70 a coin which is a steal when you look at the upside. I’m going to be getting as much as I possibly can but it may be hard as this will sell out quick.

Please if you liked my review sign up with the link below and join my team, this is the first platform I will be lending on I’m actually that bullish on it.

Trust level: 8/10 Due to slight changes on ICO terms.
Profit Target: 20x This is a long term platform, I think it will therefore have slower gains.

Much love,

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