How to Survive And Thrive on The ICO Pump and Dump

The ICO market is increasing exponentially and there’s money to be made. The hype surrounding these coin offerings is enough to make the value 10x overnight; throw in a limited supply and an overall bull market and you’ve got yourself a winner. The game is easy, it’s the strategy that you apply that determines how well you do.

Okay so all of these ICO’s start out at minute prices roughly around 50 cents to a dollar, the trick is to get in here before they hit the market which can sometimes be a pain as they sell out very quickly. If you manage to get the tokens you’re literally half way done. If you don’t, don’t worry there will be one next week.

Due to all the hype around the ICO and large advertising campaigns from the referral systems (i’ll go into this later) the interest in this coin is going to increase dramatically. What you want to do is wait until the token hits an exchange, sometimes they have their own internal exchanges for BTC or will often be listed externally on etc. Once the exchange opens the price per coin can be expected to be 10, 20, 30 times or more of what your initial investment is.

Here is where you beat the dump!

Sell enough of your coin so that you at least break even and maybe even make a nice little profit so it wasn’t all for nothing. From here on out you’re playing with house money! Now a value of 0 is highly unlikely in the crypto world, yet the upsides are endless (refer to BTC) so from here I would recommend holding your coins til you see the profit margin you were looking for.

I mentioned referral schemes earlier, these are an ingenious marketing idea that has the user touting their product for rewards. I’m going to be straight up honest with you, it looks like a pyramid scheme, one person signing up two which sign up another two each and so on. But it’s not. It’s really just a smart marketing tool that has the customer doing the leg work. There’s plenty of people on the internet screaming scam because of this but I say embrace it, we’re not here for the long run or the product itself we’re here for the pump. These referral programs create the hype that produces the pump.

We’ve seen in the past vanishing acts happen and peoples money disappear; this is where we apply rational thinking and strategy. We win over time in this game, always hedge your bets, never go all in on a coin and take profits when available. If you follow these rules you cannot lose.

Follow me on my journey and hopefully make some good decisions of your own!

Much love,


Quick disclaimer, this is a guide and not financial advice. I am not a financial advisor and everything I say is own my own personal opinion.

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