ICO offering a Bonus Hardware Wallet?!

I always ramble on about how I’m looking for something else from these ICO’s well this is it. V-One or Vone, another lending platform with competitive rates and is now offering their very own hardware wallet to those who “invest in the V-ONE ICO on early days” according to their white paper. I’ll cover off on this in mor detail but for now lets get into the product!

At a Glance:

Coin Type: Pure PoW
Hashing Algorithm: Scrypt
Total Supply 24,000,000
Premined 6,200,000
Price: Start at 50c
ICO Date: 10 December

There doesn’t seem to be any structure on the ICO in terms of min or max limits so i’ll be getting as much as I possibly can. 50c is the opening price and it looks to be rising to $1 and $1.50 In the late stages of the ICO. They have an affiliate program as always with three levels which is always beneficial.

Bonus’s throughout the ICO are as follows

Things that make Vone stand out:

  1. Hardware wallet; This is something completely left of field, they’re claiming that anyone that spends over $100 on their ICO will receive a hardware wallet that can hold both BTC ETH and their native token. Even if you don’t spend the $100 they will also be releasing the code on github where you can make your own, all you require is a 1TB hard drive. I really like this as it demonstrates that security is really high on their agenda.
  2. Prepaid Mastercard; According to their whitepaper every Vone participant will be eligible to receive a prepaid Mastercard that can be loaded with BTC, ETH and Vone and will be eligible to spend in USD, Pound, Euro and CAD. Very exciting stuff, we’ve seen very few offer these cards let alone a lending platform.
  3. Virtual Checking Account; That’s right, they’re offering a virtual checking account to all members! According to the whitepaper it will have no monthly fees and transfers will be able to be made it USD. I’m a little skeptical on how this one will work technically but I’ve been proven wrong time and time again in this space and am quite interested to see how this will be implemented

4. Price Forecast; Not something super different but I really like how they’ve visualized it and given reasons as to what will explain the growth.

$70 by 31 Jan, If you get in at 50c thats 140x! Now I think this is a little high, as a conservative number I believe $30 -$40 is very achievable in the near term with $70 mid to long providing everything goes smoothly.

The roadmap is pretty bare bones at the moment but that’s only due to the white paper being in it’s first draft, as always I will update information when it’s available.

The lending program is relatively standard compared with other platforms, on thing I was really happy to read was a post from the creator Lucas Santino stating that you could remove your coins from the lending platform at any time!

Vone looks to be trying to take on the entire banking system in one foul swoop and this is something I do not want to miss, I’m just kicking myself I missed out on the Pre-sale. I’ll be using my usual strategy on this one, recovering my initial investment ASAP and then hold coins for the future, I might consider a loan when more details are available.

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Trust Level: 7.5/10 There’s been some deposit issues with the bitcoin wallet but It’s nice to see the dev on the Bitcoin talk forums responding to every post about the issue and resolving it. I’m bullish on this mid to long term

Profit Target: 40x, I’m incredibly bullish on this program into 2018, I think their price estimates are a little steep but 40x is easily achievable, especially at 50c.

Good luck I hope you can all join my team!

Much Love,