Ucoin Cash, More Than Just a Lending Platform

I’ve been investing in these lending platforms since their inception, through the wins and the losses, all the misspelled white papers, generic products and weak server hosting. Yet this one is different, never have I seen such a transparent professional ICO with lofty goals to be more than just a lending platform.

Ucoin Cash along with its lending program aims to provide “Ucoin Cash provides users with a global fastest money transaction yet absolutely safe and with lowest fee. You can use Ucoin Cash, of course, to transfer money, to purchase and sell goods and services world wide, with lowest fee and within seconds.No more red tape and no more annoying bank procedures. Ucoincash allow you access the most user-friendly application, especially payment transaction via apps for smart phones.” 
That’s direct from their whitepaper. This essentially means that they have a stable back bone on which to base their lending platform, not just some obscure volatility bot like their other competitors.

Things that make Ucoin Cash stand out from the crowd:

  1. Diverse product; they offer Lending, Staking, POW Mining and a fast cash transaction system.
  • Lending — This is pretty standard compared with other platforms, offering up to 45% a month, which is inclusive of bonuses etc. This to me seems quite sustainable based on their other diverse income streams
  • Staking — It’s good to see a platform offer staking, it means they acknowledge that their ecosystem requires its users to maintain the system in turn this means they’ve offered very good rates

January 2018 — June 2018: 11% per month

July 2018 — December 2018: 8% per month

January 2019 — June 2019: 6% per month

July 2019 — December 2019: 5% per month

January 2020 — June 2020: 3% per month

July 2020 — December 2020: 1.5% per month

I really like how they’ve got a long term plan for this, showing how committed they are to their program.

  • Mining — A coin that can be mined is a profitable coin, it attracts big pools of miners with one goal in mind, which is to make money. Mineablity equals a rise in coin value

2. Transparency and Communication; Time and time again we’ve seen these ICO’s with minimal transparency and communication, Ucoin goes against the grain on this one, their CEO came out with a video talking about the system, massive trust points in my book. If you look at their website their FAQ section is huge with answers to all questions about the platform and ICO. These things really instill confidence in the user which all points to a huge increase in price come exchange time.

3. Hype; How could I not talk about this. Hype is what really drives profits in this game and never have I seen hype like this for an ICO. The past few round for example have sold out under a minute, I’ve been trying for the past 6 and only just got in on my last attempt! If you do get in you better hold on tight because this thing is going to moon.

I firmly believe this thing is here for the long term and isn’t your traditional pump and dump, so I’m going to be modifying my strategy on this one. I will still be selling a small position upon exchange opening but I will be staking this one from the get go, This will be a long term hold for me and I will also be committing to my first lend. I am a serious bull for the future of Ucoin Cash.

If you want to join me here’s my affiliate link:


Trust level: 9/10 (loss of 1 point because of slight grammatical errors, yet no ones perfect
Profit target: 40x from initial investment over 6 months, This is my conservative target and I will only be selling half my position at this level and holding the rest.

Good luck if you get in on this one, If not exchange opens on the 16th and I’ll be buying more then, hopefully you can too!

Good luck, Much Love