[D] Staking Stats July 25, 2019

Jul 25 · 2 min read

Denarius finally released a writeup about their new Masternode system, called FortunaStakes. This is not your typical DASH fork and I would encourage anyone interested in hodling crypto, to read what these developers are doing.

Denarius — Ancient Money for a New World — https://denarius.io

Now onto seeing some D blockchain info for today. I will be adding some info from https://pos.watch/ to show some interesting stats over time with D emissions as we get closer to PoS only mode.

Denarius Staking and FortunaStake Calculator

Denarius Homepage https://denarius.io/
Denarius Links — https://denarius.link/
Staking and FortunaStake Calculator — https://pos.watch/
Denarius Discord — https://discord.gg/v6rH7Sb


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