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Jan 22, 2018 · 8 min read
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1- What is CryptoGAG and how it works?

GAG Analysis Bot, provides the “Enter” or the “Exit” signal when appropriate conditions are met by monitoring defined markets for 24 hours, based on algorithms developed by the expert analysts in our team supported by the formations and the indicators.

The two signal types generated by the GAG are “Enter” suggesting to buy and “Exit” suggesting to sell. There is no need to hurry or open a position in market, as soon as the signal is received.

We recommend our users who would like to buy Altcoins based on the signals to check the current trend of the BTC against the USD. The BTC’s rise against the USD is generally negative for the Altcoins. In this case, it would be safer to exit the Altcoin market and wait for the trend for entry to return to the stable position. You can view the BTC / USD trend on the main page.

It is predicted that the Exit signal will generated within 1 to 15 days after the arrival of Enter signal depending on the market. You may have more than one Exit signal for the same cryptocurrency. It is possible to increase your profit by waiting for a while after the Exit signal, taking your own risk. CryptoGAG can provide more than one exit signals for up trending coins and more than one enter signals for down trending coins.

CryptoGAG generates signals for the Binance, Bittrex, and Poloniex exchanges.

You can get more information via;
CryptoGAG User Manuel (In Turkish)

For your technical questions and any support: hello@cryptogag.com

Telegram News Channel: https://t.me/cryptogag
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Crypto_GAG
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheCryptoGAG/
Blog: http://blog.cryptogag.com/
FAQ: http://blog.cryptogag.com/sikca-sorulan-sorular/

CryptoGAG mobile application is now available for Android!

2- How to be a member of CryptoGAG?

Please visit register page via https://cryptogag.com/register?lang=en

Registration page

1- Choose your payment type. You can pay with LTC for a monthly membership and BTC or LTC for a annual membership.

2- Transfer from your wallet to pay by scanning the QR Code shown on the screen or by copying the address information on the form. You can make this payment in all exchange markets. Initially, you need to select the BTC / LTC Withdrawal option on the crypto exchange site you want to pay for it, then the amount specified in the registration form must be entered and the recipient address information copied to the address to be sent must be added. Afterwards, check the accuracy of the first 4 digits and the last 4 digits. Please make sure that the amount to be delivered to our address is correct because of transfer fee for your exchange. For instance, in order to send 0.005 BTC from a site charging 0.001 BTC transfer fee per transaction, you need to sent 0.006 BTC, therefore you will be succeeded to transfer your membership fee which is 0.005 BTC in this case.

3- After the transfer is completed, enter the address of the wallet you have sent into the registration form so that the checks can be carried out.

4- Please provide the TansactionID (TxId) information generated after the transfer.

Sampe TXID information screen for Poloniex,
Sampe TXID information screen for Bittrex,
Sampe TXID information screen for Paribu,

5- Fill out your personal information and submit the form by clicking on the “Join” button.

  • An information message will be sent to your e-mail address in line with the information you provide, so make sure your e-mail address is correct. In this email your password will be provided to access the cryptogag website.
  • Your telegram username is highly important to join our signal group and to receive the signals this channel. If you are using a telegram without creating a username, you need to create a username that begins with the @ sign.http://cryptogag.com/images/telegram_username.jpg
  • We encourage you to share your Twitter username so we can communicate with you easier and faster.

3- How can I use Cryptogag.com?

Your membership will be checked and approved by our support units within 12 hours of the payment being made. You can sign in to your account on our website https://cryptogag.com/signin

Member login screen

A password will be sent to your email address after you submit the form you filled out during registration. You can login to the system with this password and your e-mail address. If you can not log in, it is possible that your membership may not be approved yet.

After logging into the system, the following screen will appear.

Data table

1- BTC/USDT Trend Indicator: This indicator has been added to guide your decision on your buying / selling. Bitcoin has a red or yellow color depending on the trend towards the dollar. The sudden rise or fall of Bitcoin seriously affects Altcoins and may cause you to suffer damage to your investments. During periods when the market moves this way, the indicator turns red and warns you not to make a risky investment. Depending on the trend, you may want to exit your current Altcoin positions.

2- Data Table: In this table you can see all the enter signals given until this time, and exit signals by clicking on the link named “closed positions” located below the table. Current prices are refreshed every 5 minutes and table is refreshed in every minute.

Market: Name of Altcoin.
Status: Current status of coin, Ongoing or Closed.
Current: Live price of related coin.
Enter: The price for the entry.
Volume: Last 24 hour volume.
Profit: Current profit or loss ratio.
Elapsed: The time since the signal was given.
Open: Time of the enter signal according to international time zones. (UTC 0) For example; Add 3 hour for Turkey.
Exchange: The exchange on which the signal is issued.

4- How can I use Telegram signals?

Once your membership has been approved, you will be logged in to the Telegram channel by our support unit if you have stated your Telegram username correctly during registration. If you wish to leave the channel on your own request, regarding the security rules of the Telegram, it is not possible to make the record to the channel again. Users must be careful in this regard.

Enter signals: This information includes the name of the coin being signaled, the market in which it is, the current price, the percentage change in the last 24 hours, the transaction volume, Confidence, Frequency and the transaction time information of the signal.

The “Confidence” shows how many of the previously given signals are profitably closed. The “Frequency” information indicates the number of enter or exit positions.

Exit signals: This information includes the name of the coin being signaled, which market it is in, the current price, the percentage change in the last 24 hours, the transaction volume, Frequency of signal and the transaction time information of the signal.

If the tendency of Bitcoin against Dollar is not stable while the signal is coming, “BTC NOT Stable” warning is given together with the signal. Buying in such cases may be risky.

5- Strategies

  • It is suggested that it needs to be checked the stability of BTC If BTC is not stable please be careful to enter a signal.
  • Splitting your money into different coins will decrease your risk. It is suggested to take action according to your budget and your projected profit margin.
  • With GAG, invest only in the coins you are trusting, and instead of trading for all the signals provided, purchasing only from the coins you are following will reduce your risk level.
  • There is no need to rush in enter / exit signals, GAG is not a pump robot.
  • The GAG gives its signals when it thinks it best to buy and sell, but that does not mean that the price will not fall below the current price, and thus it will not rise further in sales. So filter the signals from your own validation once and then take the action.
  • Once GAG has produced an exit signal, by indicating a “stop” below the current position, it is possible to proceed to expect the increase to be continued in order to raise your profit level.
  • Use of Stop Loss is very important, it is important to use it to keep your damage at low levels.
  • GAG may give you an enter signal again when the price of a given coin continues to drop, so buying it again can be a good strategy as it will reduce your average purchase rate.
  • In some periods there may not be any signal, but in some periods too many signals may be received. In order not to miss the exit signals, you can set an alarm via mobile applications.
  • If you are expecting a profitable coin, you can get out of the waiting signal.
  • There is no need to worry about a signal that you missed to enter, do not enter a risk if the stated price is too high, opportunities will always occur in time.
  • Follow the news, and if the GAG signals overlap with a coin you follow, your chances of winning are stronger.
  • The GAG volume does not generate signals for very low volume coins, but still, control the transaction volume of the incoming coin to make the purchase.
  • GAG signals are medium-term signals thus, they may not be suitable for daily trading. Therefore, it is important to be patient with it. There is a fine line between patience and stubbornness, and selling while in a loss can prevent you from further damage.

If you have any questions please reach us from our contact form from our website.

No more losing, no more being confused.
“CryptoGAG takes you a step forward.”


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