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We’ve developed a new signal algorithm for CryptoGAG service in order to use with automatic transactions. Thanks to our partnership with Cryptohopper platform, you can use the generated signals in your automatic transactions securely and comfortably.

With Cryptohopper, you can develop your built-up strategies by using technical analysis indicators; implement backtests and execute automatic transactions by signing up to CryptoGAG signals.

In order to be able to use CryptoGAG automatic transaction robot, you need to have an investment account on Binance exchange.

Cryptohopper introduction video

How can I use CryptoGAG signals in Cryptohopper platform?

  • Sign up to Cryptohopper. You may use 7 days free trial version if you would like to.

Important Notice: In order to be able to utilize CryptoGAG signal services, your Cryptohopper sevice suscription have to be valid. By completion of your Cryptohopper trial period, you must renew your subscription by choosing one of the Cryptohopper membership packages.

Cryptohopper sign up screen
  • Generate a new API key on Binance exchange which has “read info” and “enable trading” features. For security reasons, be sure that “enable withdrawals” box is not ticked.
Binance Account Settings for Cryptohopper

General Settings

Complete your exchange settings via “Exchange” link under “Config, Baseconfig” tab.

Use ticker rate: “Always use last tick” option should be selected from the list. Buy and sell orders are filled with the last filled price of the coin.

  • Sign up “CryptoGAG Signals” on “Signals” page under “Marketplace” tab.
Press “Subscribe” to sign up

We kindly suggest that you read Cryptohopper User’s Guide for a best signal service utilization.


CryptoGAG Analysis Bot monitors cryptocurrencies 24/7 with algorithms developed by the expert analysts in our team and provides “Enter” or “Exit” signals for the ones which met proper conditions.

Daily signal count may change due to market conditions. At the end of tests, it is observed that 30 positions have been opened daily on average. Transactions are expected to be completed within a few minutes to a few hours and you might make profit up to 5% on average. You can also finalize your ongoing positions by your personalized base settings or by manual entries on Cryptohopper interface.

CryptoGAG Signals compose of take profit, trailing stop loss and stop loss functions. If necessary, it may decrease transaction cost by consecutive buy orders for the same coin.

You can access to the trade statistics of signals produced by algorithm on our web site.


By “Signals” page under the “Config” tab, you can view your signal service which you signed up before, by “Configure” link you can access signal provider settings page.

View “CryptoGAG Signals” and make your signal settings
Signal service settings screen

Sell signals: When the switch is open, transaction is ended by CryptoGAG sell signal.

Signal configuration: When the switch is open, transaction is ended by the CryptoGAG service defined take profit, trailing stop loss and stop loss parameters. Your personalized sell settings will be overrides.


Buy settings

You may personalize your “Buy settings” under the “Config, Baseconfig” tab.

Cryptohopper buy settings screen

Max open time buy: It’s the number of minutes for your buy order to remain active on the order table. If the price starts ascending before reaching buy level, it will be necessary for an active buy order to be canceled. CryptoGAG signals provide maximum benefit if they are executed right on time. For these reasons, we suggest keeping this value as low as possible. E.g. 2 mins.

Max open positions: Define your maximum open positions limit. Maximum limit value permitted will vary depending on your Cryptohopper membership type.

Max percentage open positions per coin: Define maximum open positions you permit for per coin. CryptoGAG may send more than one buy signal for the same coin when necessary.

Enable cooldown: If the switch is on, there will be no further position opened for the same coin during a time period that you will define.

Cooldown when: You may define cooldown period as: start after filling buy orders, start after filling sell orders or start after both.

Cooldown period: You may adjust cooldown period in terms of minute(s).

If you have any open position, encountering excessive coin sells will cause stop loss function end it. This decline may trigger further buy signals right after your sales. In this condition buying coins right after sales will not be logical. We suggest you activate cooldown feature for sell orders with the value of 3 minutes at least.

Cryptohopper buy settings

You can define your white listed coins and balance allowance for every position on “Coins and amounts” link located under “Config, Baseconfig” tab. You must define your “Base currency” value as “Bitcoin” because CryptoGAG provides signals for only Bitcoin/Altcoin pairs.

Cryptohopper coins and amounts settings page

Allowed coins: CryptoGAG service provides signals for all cryptocurrencies valued over 5000 satoshi. You can select your allowable coins to be traded on related area. Coins having more volatility will have more chance to take place at open positions.

Percentage buy amount: Define your rate of portfolio to share for every buy order. E.g. you have an investment of 1 BTC and you defined a value of 10%. In this case your bot will allocate buy orders of 0.1 BTC for every open position and you will have 10 positions maximum at the same time.

Cryptohopper coins and amounts settings

You may define your buy strategy via the “Strategy” link located under “Config, Baseconfig” tab. If you’d like to execute your transactions only by CryptoGAG signals, not with strategies built up by yourself, “Signals only” switch should be left “ON”. Otherwise, buy orders will also be filled due to the outputs of Cryptohopper’s default technical analysis tools.

Cryptohopper buying strategy settings page

Sell settings

You may personalize “sell settings” under “Config, Baseconfig” tab.

Cryptohopper sell settings screen

Max open time sell: It’s the number of minutes for your buy order to remain active on the order table. For sell orders to remain active enough until they are filled, we suggest keeping this value as high as possible. E.g. 300 mins.

The “Take profit at” value located on the sell settings is also provided along with CryptoGAG entry signals. It’s okay when you leave it blank.


  • Configuring a very low stop loss percentage on Cryptohopper interface may result in loss despite profit expectation of CryptoGAG transaction.
  • You have the ability to intervene positions opened by CryptoGAG manually. So many intervention may decline the benefits of signals.
  • Define your buy settings considering signal frequencies of CryptoGAG. At the end of tests, it is observed that 30 position entry signals have been received daily on average. Transactions are expected to be completed within a few minutes to a few hours.
  • If you would like to trade manually on Cryptohopper apart from automatic transactions, enter the BTC value that you designated for automatic transactions on “Maximum BTC amount allocated” area under “Coins and amounts” header. E.g. if you have 1 BTC and you want to allocate 0.5 BTC for automatic transactions, you should enter value of 0.5 BTC in the related area.
  • If you prefer safe trade with low profit, leave “Sell Signals” switch “on”. If you prefer aggressive (risky) trade for higher profits, turn it “off” and wait for your pre-designed arm-trailing and trailing stop functions to engage. When “Sell Signals” switch is on, your transaction duration may shorten. You may prefer to keep this switch “on” considering the limit of your membership package. In order to raise your profit ratios during bull seasons, you may keep “Sell signals” switch “off”.
  • If you haven’t personalized parameters of take profit, trailing stop loss and stop loss, “Signal configuration” switch must be “on”. In this case your transactions will be executed according to the parameters defined by CryptoGAG service.
Signal service settings screen

Trading and receiving all profits and losses by CryptoGAG signals are at user’s own risk. CryptoGAG signals have no responsibility to users having troubles with Cryptohopper platform or issues which originate from user himself/herself (inaccurate settings, trade management, security gaps etc.). Sharing CryptoGAG signals with third party other than registered users is prohibited.

No more losing, no more being confused.
CryptoGAG takes you a step forward.

CryptoGAG Signals

Web Site:
Discord (Cryptohopper):


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