How to pay with Crypto in Real Life — Crypto Credit Cards

During our day to day life, we are involved in plenty of micro transactions. Having a coffee here, getting a snack, lunch, groceries, uber home.

In the near future, instead of paying with a local currency you will sooner or later also pay with Cryptocurrencies.

The first Crypto Credit Cards are already available allowing you to pay your day to day things, with you cryptocurrencies while the conversion happens seamlessly in the background with no additional fees.

Getting a Coffee in the morning, here is my Credit Card, 0.015 Ether, paying the groceries, 0.010 Bitcoin, payed.

Right now, only one company called “Crypto” is offering those new Crypto Credit Cards

They offer various variants in various colors, allowing you to pay your day to day things with cryptocurrencies while converting without additional fees, instantly and seamlessly on their platform.

Even though that’s already pretty fantastic, their Crypto Credit Cards also offer amazing perks like:

  • 1–5% Cashback (get money back for using the card)
  • They pay your Spotify and Netflix if you pay it with that card
Spotify and Netflix for free

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