Aventus ICO — 1 day left!

Aventus crowdsale begins tomorrow, on the 6th of September. During the pre-sale Aventus team has managed to collect more than 27000 Ethereum (approx. $8 million at todays prices). You should hurry up, most probably tokens are going to be sold out during the first days of the ICO.

What is Aventus?

Aventus is a brand new blockchain-based platform and it will make the event ticket sales industry more transparent and easy to use.

Currently there are problems in this segment. For example, there are lots of resellers in this industry, they buy tickets in bulk and resell them at much higher prices on the secondary market. There are lots of counterfeit tickets too, and ticket selling platforms are not interested in solving such problems because their main goal is to sell as much tickets as possible.

Thanks to blockchain, Aventus is going to solve such problems. A new platform is being made, where various event organizers will create and promote their events, and at the same time buyers will know that the ticket price is not inflated and they will get exactly what they need.

Event organizers have only 4 things to do: create the event, set their own ticket market standarts, promote the event and sell the tickets.

The overall Aventus ecosystem is divided into 3 parts:

  1. The protocol. Event creation, validation, ticket issuance and sales, distribution of the revenue — all of these processes are powered by Ethereum smart contracts.
  2. The service layer — various tools which will bring this industry to the next level (AVT token — fiat conversion, validation services, event advertising tools and others).
  3. The application layer. There will be various applications available, like ticket sales application for Sports & Music. Third party developers are invited to participate with their new ideas.

There are 8 people in the team, with Alan Vey and Annika Monari as directors.

Annika Monari & Alan Vey

Entertainment industry veterans, investment managers, cryptocurrency researchers are listed as Aventus advisers.

You are invited to participate in the AVT token crowdsale. AVT tokens can be used in order to create various events on the platform. Also buyers will use these tokens to purchase tickets (ETH and other ERC20 tokens are accepted too). Users who resale tickets on the platform will pay all necessary fees in AVT. Tokens may be used as a security deposit too.

Total supply of AVT tokens

The maximum total token supply is capped at 10 million. There will be 6 million tokens listed for sale, 1.95 million will be distributed to strategic partners, event organizers and promoters. 1.8 million will be distributed among the Aventus team and their advisors. Most of these team tokens will be locked up for a year. The team is planning to raise $15 million during the crowdsale.

Public beta of the platform is planned to be released in Q4 of 2017, and production launch is expected in the middle of 2018.

This project is highly anticipated by the community, and the presale result is a great evidence of that. This is the case where services based on blockchain technology could attract lots of people outside of the crypto-space. It has a real life usage and a high chance of success.