Creators of Our Own Blockchain Destinies

Crypto Gawd
Jun 7, 2017 · 3 min read

We are the creators of all this. What is “all this,” you ask? Well, it’s everything you see before you. This Blockchain revolution is so real my people. Before you go and assume that “Crypto Gawd has gone craaazy,”observe your surroundings.

Bitcoin started this revolution.

But, the Blockchain technology is the driver that is thrusting the movement forward.

Blockchain is changing the world as we know it. Old money is just that, old.

Granted, there is nothing wrong with old money. It’s still the most widely adopted form of getting rich. Inheriting wealth has been around for as long as we have. But, that is slowly changing. Cash as we know it is transforming into “bits” of internet money. Cash ledgers are turning to Blockchain ledgers. Gold has been surpassed by Bitcoin.

It’s absolutely wondrous seeing the altcoin revolution develop.

No restrictions on our own money. The possibility of writing articles and earning hundreds per post. Unheard of before this revolution.

The unlimited earning potential of buying ICOs and watching them moon. It is a lot more exciting than even watching stocks skyrocket. Because, it seems one doesn’t have to wait as long to watch the growth. And the growth can be absolutely insane! Even, moreso than stocks.

Cryptocurrency is changing the whole sphere of what’s possible with finance

The ability for strangers help other strangers with their piling medical bills without being taxed by stingy (and outdated) financial regulations.

Playing games for crypto. Earning crypto through lending (and micro lending). Crypto faucets. Communities being rebuilt. Lives being changed through the power of the almighty Blockchain. The revolution will not be televised people. No, it is happening in real life! It is happening in real time.

Don’t you see this revolution happening right before our very eyes people?!

It’s a beautiful thing, depending on who you ask. Just don’t ask old money. Because they will firmly deny it. Some may not even know what the hell you’re talking about. But, that’s ok. It’s not meant for everyone. It’s meant for those who are in the know and willing to embrace it. It’s meant for those who want to see the iron grip of the greedy banking institutions be weakened.

It’s not meant for the luddites. It’s meant for the futurists. It’s meant for those who want to see society being revived in a positive way. To bring communities together. To give ourselves more financial freedom than has ever been granted before. We are no longer slaves to the financial industry. We are masters of our fate. We are keepers of our own gate. Creators of our own financial destiny. Embrace it. Feel the wonderful breeze coming from the winds of change. Crypto Gawd, OUT!

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