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Jun 12, 2017 · 2 min read

Crypto of the Day: Mooncoin

Welcome Crypto fiends, it’s ya friendly neighborhood Crypto Gawd.

Today’s Crypto of the Day is Mooncoin

This altcoin has been gaining steam the past few weeks. There are plenty of coins to go around (385,000,000,000; based on the number of miles from the Earth to the Moon).

This coin is one I’m fond of because it is so dirt cheap and it is excellent for micro payments. I also like the “smart likes” aspect of it. Monetizing likes will be the wave of the future and Mooncoin is one of the pioneers.

Here are a few tidbits from the site:

“Fast. Simple. Reliable.

People-oriented. Fair.
Not overhyped, not for criminals.

Backed by people all over the world.

Over 3 years digital currency experience.

Low inflation with gradual reduce.

Built with future in mind:
enough coins for everyone.

Great for micropayments

Limited total supply, based on average distance from the Earth to the Moon.

Smart Likes (monetizing likes)
Moon Word (blockchain recordkeeping).”

Mooncoin Key Stats:

Market Cap: $38,429,890

Price: 0.000173

Circulating Supply: 221,982,835,137

Volume (Last 24hrs): $146,371

Crypto Gawd’s take:

This baby shot up another 23% today. Don’t sleep on this cheap crypto. She could be mooning soon for real. One of my favorite micro cryptos especially with the social aspects of it. I also like the Moon Word Blockchain record keeping and the fact that she has been going for almost 4 years strong now. This one could be waking up soon. So if you are still on the fence about the Mooncoin, hop on before she takes off and leaves Earth.Crypto Gawd, OUT!

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