Patientory: The future of medical billing and records?

If you haven’t heard of the Etherium-based alt coin “Patientory” (PTOY) before, that’s fine. A lot of folks haven’t. Crypto Gawd here and I want to show you what could possibly be the future of medical billing. Besides the fact that they just launched and have an excellent social media campaign going, this token could be going places fam.

Actually, she already is. As of today, PTOY is already up over 150%! Huge gains to be had. And, I think we have just started here. The potential applications in the medical billing field has much promise and potential here. This could speed up patient visits and cut down the “paper time” which could even potentially save lives. This is some good stuff here my crypto friends.

The company from Boulder, Colorado was founded in 2016 as part of the Boomtown Health-Tech Accelerator. And, business has been booming since that short year starting with their ICO and now their popularity is growing daily.

Here is a bit more info I grabbed from the FAQs on the official site:

What is Patientory building and how?

Patientory is a cybersecurity blockchain-based distributed electronic medical record network. Think of us a bridge that connects siloed, centralized EMR systems. Healthcare entities can secure private health information, rent computing power, servers and data centers and make their unused resources available through a unique private infrastructure on the Ethereum blockchain. From the platform, smart contracts can be executed in relation to the patient care payment cycle.

Why is Patientory necessary?

There is a growing demand for healthcare cybersecurity solutions and computing power from the health and scientific community to run large applications and process huge volumes of data. Large volumes of patient health information can be supported which can further be utilized by Artificial Intelligence for accurate patient treatment.

Healthcare Dapps (blockchain-based applications) that need private off-chain computation.
High Performance Computing, Big Data, machine learning for care treatment (shorter time-to-diagnosis, reduced administrative costs).
Future healthcare distributed applications that will require new form of decentralized infrastructure see Edge/Fog computing, ambient AI, IoT + Big Data, distributed deep learning, parallel stream processing etc.

How does Patientory work for healthcare consumers (patients)?

Patientory’s mobile app allows patients to create an individual profile. On this profile, they store their medical information on a secure, HIPAA-compliant blockchain platform. Then they can connect with care providers as well as other patients who have similar health issues or concerns. This allows patients greater control over their overall health across multiple care teams, both inside and outside the hospital.

What does Patientory do for healthcare organizations?

From electronic health information confidentiality to security threats identification to disclosure protection, Patientory’s employment of blockchain technology helps the healthcare ecosystem mitigate damaging data breaches. Unlike electronic health records, which are vulnerable to hacks, blockchain technology is able to utilize a more secure, permanent record of online information exchange.

What is PTOY?

PTOY is the native token of the Patientory platform and currency fuel of the platform. In exchange for PTOY, users (which include patients and healthcare organizations) will be able to use the network to rent health information storage space, and to execute health-specific smart contract payments and transactions.

How do doctors use PTOY?

Doctors (and their healthcare organizations) use Patientory to get the patient’s complete and up-to-date medical history. They use PTOY tokens to secure private health information, rent computing power, servers and data centers through a unique private infrastructure on the Ethereum blockchain. In addition, smart contracts can be executed in relation to the patient care payment cycle.

What is Patientory’s (the company’s) role?

Patientory acts a broker to healthcare organizations in setting up nodes on the Patientory blockchain network, which drives token transactions and volume, eventually creating value for its token holders.

What are Patientory’s goals?

Ultimately, the aim is to reduce readmissions, make medical records more secure, and reduce overall health IT costs.

How do we know Patientory is legitimate?

Patientory has received commendations and awards already.

Voted Top 5 Atlanta startup company out of 200+ startups
VC Taskforce-Startup World Pitch Winner
Ranked Top 5 digital health solution in the world for empowering patients
Voted Top 10 Amplify Women in Technology Startup out of 139 startups
Named Top 11 Company Disrupting Healthcare in 2017 by Becker’s Hospital Review
MedTech Innovator Top 100"

Could this promising crypto be spearheading the blockchain movement in medical applications? YES!

With a market cap of $30 Million and volume of $17 million changing hands in the last 24 hours, this is an alt coin you definitely should NOT sleep on. She has won numerous awards and this is when she was pre-ICO. The patiently party is in full mode rn. Don’t miss out on this one folks! With a price of .437223 currently, this baby is just getting started! Crypto Gawd, OUT!


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