Snowball Effect (Don’t Give Up)

It’s real..

The snowball effect is real. Once you start doing something and keep doing it, things start to happen.

Good things!

Let the momentum of your small victories carry you forward. It’s all about the small victories. Without them, big victories can’t even be recognized. So, appreciate them. They may not feel as glorious. But, they should, because that means progress is being made. You may struggle a lot for just a little success. But..

Any successful person can tell you that. It takes many, many small victories to get the big one.

This means that every step is important.

Every step leads you to your next big success. You must be calculated. Sweat the details! They will put you ahead of the game. Imagine if you knew your opponent’s next move before they made it? It would be awesome, wouldn’t it?

Of course it would!

This means that you gotta keep on moving bud! You gotta keep marching forward. Constant progression brings unrivaled success. Don’t let the weight of your past hold back your future.

You are a new and improved person everyday

Act like it. Everyday your experiences shape your road forward. Your experiences make you who you are today. Let them form you in a positive way without the negative dogma. Once you accept that growing older equals growing wiser, you will understand true peace of mind. You will also experience success beyond your beliefs.

Once you form a routine, it becomes second nature

Practice makes perfect and so on and so forth. The point is that you should form a daily routine to become used to it. Once you get used to a regimen that will contribute to your health, well-being and mindstate, the game changes.

This is when the good stuff happens

This is the part where the offers and recognition and lucrative deals start happening

You become worth more. In effect, people will start paying you more for your services- whatever they may be

As your craft sharpens, more opportunities will arise

Don’t take this for granted.

The snowball effect is real friends.

You just have to get the ball rolling. That is the most critical part. The “getting started” part. Most folks think of an action plan, only to never put it in action.

What good is that gonna do?!

You guessed it! It’s gonna do no good. So, make sure you get that old proverbial ball rolling my friends. Once you do this, you just have to keepthings moving.

Newton’s First Law of Motion:

As long as you are constantly moving, you can never fail. It’s a foolproof formula. Yet, many fools get discouraged. They somehow prove themselves wrong. Probably, because they are foolish. However, you know better. Because, you’re no fool. You get the point!

Keep it movin’

Then, it’s smooth sailing from there folks. And who doesn’t love smooth sailing? I know I sure do. The cool breeze of the wind and the nice warm sun. The Mai Tais. Ooh wee. Lol. ’Til next time folks. Crypto Gawd, OUT!

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