Hello crypto fam, it’s your friendly local Crypto Gawd once again. Today, we will talk about the wild, wonderful world of crypto airdrops. More specifically, reasons you should be taking advantage of this goodness. Because, if you aren’t, you’re missing out friend!

Since the advent of cryptocurrency, folks have been wondering how to get their hands on this new magic, digital currency without investing into a relatively unknown medium. Basically, so they can try it out risk-free. Obviously, mining costs money and so does buying the coin directly from exchanges. So, what could be the way to get your hands…

Hey fam, your friendly neighborhood Crypto Gawd here! With the cryptosphere once again bucking like a bull, you may wonder what you should invest in…

Well, have no fear, Crypto Gawd is here!

(Yes, I like saying my name lol)

Anyway, let’s get right to it! Here are my picks for altcoins on the come up!

To da moon? (Maybe..)

XLM — Stellar Lumens

Originally, this baby was a fork of the XRP coin. But, to differentiate themselves, they created a whole new protocol. This new protocol implemented a new consensus algorithm. It was also upgraded with entirely different code which went live on…

Which way you headed?

Are you challenging yourself?

Hi crypto fam, your local friendly crypto gawd here. Tonight, I thought we would tackle something a bit different: YOU.

Are you challenging yourself?

Many of us think we are doing just fine in life. We have a decent job, family who love us and a place to lay our heads.

But, the question remains…

Are you challenging yourself?

To be a better you?
To stand out from the crowd?
To get a better job and move up financially in your life?
To become a better Steemit author (and get better pay, maybe even career-changing pay)?

I’m asking these questions…

It’s real..

The snowball effect is real. Once you start doing something and keep doing it, things start to happen.

Good things!

Let the momentum of your small victories carry you forward. It’s all about the small victories. Without them, big victories can’t even be recognized. So, appreciate them. They may not feel as glorious. But, they should, because that means progress is being made. You may struggle a lot for just a little success. But..

“Without struggle, there is no progress”

Any successful person can tell you that. It takes many, many small victories to get the big one.

“How do…

If you haven’t heard of the Etherium-based alt coin “Patientory” (PTOY) before, that’s fine. A lot of folks haven’t. Crypto Gawd here and I want to show you what could possibly be the future of medical billing. Besides the fact that they just launched and have an excellent social media campaign going, this token could be going places fam.

Actually, she already is. As of today, PTOY is already up over 150%! Huge gains to be had. And, I think we have just started here. The potential applications in the medical billing field has much promise and potential here. This…

Crypto of the Day: Mooncoin

Welcome Crypto fiends, it’s ya friendly neighborhood Crypto Gawd.

Today’s Crypto of the Day is Mooncoin

This altcoin has been gaining steam the past few weeks. There are plenty of coins to go around (385,000,000,000; based on the number of miles from the Earth to the Moon).

This coin is one I’m fond of because it is so dirt cheap and it is excellent for micro payments. I also like the “smart likes” aspect of it. Monetizing likes will be the wave of the future and Mooncoin is one of the pioneers.

Here are a…

Can it be? You are not allowing yourself to succeed?

It’s quite possible! A lot of us simply are holding ourselves back from being the greater version of us.

Crypto Gawd here and I’m back with the fire posts. Hope y’all didn’t miss me too much. I know it was hard staying away from this platform, but I’m glad I have returned.

I was going through some stuff, so I was off for past couple days. Don’t worry, I’m back on my journey of posting daily. I feel like I missed some time and possibly some productivity, but I will…

We are the creators of all this. What is “all this,” you ask? Well, it’s everything you see before you. This Blockchain revolution is so real my people. Before you go and assume that “Crypto Gawd has gone craaazy,”observe your surroundings.

Bitcoin started this revolution.

But, the Blockchain technology is the driver that is thrusting the movement forward.

Blockchain is changing the world as we know it. Old money is just that, old.

Granted, there is nothing wrong with old money. It’s still the most widely adopted form of getting rich. Inheriting wealth has been around for as long as we have. But, that is slowly changing. Cash as we know it is transforming into…

Welcome crypto friends! It’s ya friendly, neighborhood Crypto Gawd!

Today we will look at a new section of the blog called: “Crypto of the Day”

This is where we highlight a crypto coin that is making strides in the market and deserves to be recognized amongst the 700+ alt coins out there. This will help you sift the next bitcoin from the shitcoins.

So, without further adieu, here is our first coin to be featured: Bit Bean!

First of all, what a cute name right?! Lol. Ok let’s unpack this baby.

Bitbean Key Stats:

Market Cap: $15,418,073

Price: 0.007073

Circulating Supply: 1,964,376,000


Russia Wants It’s Own National Crypto Currency

Is Russia more forward-thinking than us when it comes to cryptos?

Well, it sure seems that way.

The central bank of Russia is so impressed by the blockchain, they are looking to push their own digital currency.

The deputy chief of the Bank of Russia, Olga Skorobogatova, made these impressions known at the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg.

With the US still far behind, it looks like Russian banks are making strides ahead to develop their own crypto currency. They have been said to express interest in the blockchain dating back to last June.

Skorobogatova made it known that the time to develop national cryptocurrencies is now.

The Bank…

Crypto Gawd

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