How to calculate profits (and losses) on Bitmex

John Linville
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Calculating your profits and losses on Bitmex can be difficult, especially if you have multiple entry points and multiple targets.

Even the Bitmex documentation is not that big of a help — it only gives you a confusing formula that differs on every contract type (perpetual, inverse, quanto).

Pnl (Profit and Loss) formula from the man himself — Arthur.

Fortunately I have created a calculator that takes all this complexity away and simplifies it to a simple form:

At the left side of the calculator you can set different entry prices and quantities (up to 10 entries), target prices and percentages (up to 10 targets as well) and a stop loss price.

On the right side you’ll be show how much you lose if you stop loss gets hit and how much rPNL (realised profit and loss) and uPNL (unrealised profit and loss) at each target.

Click here to get to the calculator.

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