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Apr 30 · 5 min read

Every time education was one of the key characteristics of an intellectual person, who later completed a higher educational institution had the opportunity to apply acquired knowledge throughout their lives, as well as to find a worthy job in their specialty. People from ancient times instilled the value of education, which at the beginning was passed on from mouth to mouth, then small currents were created, then secondary schools, and later decisively developed into giant universities and institutes, where any person eager for knowledge had the opportunity to receive them . Naturally, at the moment, the system of upbringing has not changed much, the principle of knowledge delivery has remained the same. But his tasks became much more.


Naturally, someone will agree with me, but someone may not be, but the precedent is that our education system has lagged behind the advanced technology by 50 years — that’s for sure! I don’t know about you, but in my Road Institute at lectures we explored the systems of cars of the past century. Whereas on the street long ago modern high-class cars leave. Tell me, how can I use my own acquired knowledge in practice in the future, if I look under the hood of a new car, I don’t understand anything there? It turns out all those countless lectures and hours of auditions are empty and useless ?! Speaking on this topic with our own buddies, we came to the conclusion that indeed progressive higher education lives through the previous century and is considered ineffective. Yes, what is there to hide including it does not promise us further employment in the specialty. For example, while we receive our “education” the world is changing so rapidly that by the end of our own Institute, the specialty we have chosen is possible for anyone and is not necessary. And what is the saddest thing of all this that these examples are currently quite a large number.

But good, technology does not stand still and bright minds of the population of the earth, are always in search of high-quality conclusion of current problems. This appointment was no exception, as a result of this I will be happy for you to tell you about the new decision.


The project which will be discussed now is referred to as Learn Online Education (LOL). This project wants to make a high-quality revolution in the entire system of the highest education, by introducing fresh decentralized technologies, and by changing the theory of theoretical and practical knowledge in general. blockchain platform in which anyone can get high-quality and progressive education. More than that, he will begin to teach the most modern and necessary direction of the 21st century, exploring these areas of development, such as: machine structure, artificial intelligence and almost all other technological nuances of advanced realities.


It’s quite a matter of principle to designate that LOL owns the highest degree of education, deserving a world class, and still corresponds to the European International universities. More than that, this plan uses all the necessary certification and referencing for its own training and digital materials, which are reliably saved in the decentralized blockchain network. Anyone will receive a chance to get a quality education from the main experts from around the world, whose skill is estimated over several decades.

As for the working factors of the platform, they have already prepared thorough test methods for their own applicants, including all sorts of interpretations of the personality with all the ensuing biometric fingerprints important for absolute registration in the system. Naturally, these are not the only outstanding qualities of the LOL system. It is necessary to indicate that the applicants will not have limited access to the resource. And this means that anyone who wishes can begin his high-tech progressive education wherever he is and whatever nationality he belongs to.

More than this, except for practical knowledge and abilities, LOL will provide the likelihood of applicants to receive personal income by doing these or other tasks. Thus, you will not only use the dry concept, but also support it in practice by getting a real salary. As for me, impeccable.

Complement all this diversely created application, access to which will be available from any device, from the phone to the tablet, laptop or home PC. As part of the application, students will be able to engage in mass chat rooms in real-time mode, discuss and even recite alerts on fresh courses, certification increases and other educational issues.


To guarantee the movement of all functions and operations from within the system will become its internal token — Learn Online Coin (LOL). With the support of which it will be possible not only to pay for their studies, but also to gain access to certain specific groups of knowledge. The token itself is based on the Ethereum blockchain. To finance their own plan, the founders chose the STO model of promotion of the plan during which a huge proportion of coins will be distributed. The initial cost for 1 LOL will be equal to $ 0.07 US. More detailed information about the distribution of tokens you can find in the white paper project.

Distribution of tokens and funds looks as follows:


At the end of my review, I want to state that such projects are considered to be quite necessary all over the world. For example, every year millions of students are wondering what to do and where to go in order to acquire not only a deserving education in the future, but also an elite, sought-after job. As a result of this, I believe that everyone who cares about their future or the future of their own children is obliged to at least become more familiar with the LOLCOIN concept. More than that, they currently have a sufficient number of already active organizations that have managed to express themselves for many years. For the best and more thorough analysis of LOLCOIN I have prepared for you all the necessary official project resources. Links of which, you will wait under the provided note. And on this all and see you again!



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