How to download Mayhem Launcher and Crypto Mayhem Top-Down Shooter game

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3 min readDec 13, 2022


Crypto Mayhem Top-Down Shooter early access is here! All $ADRIA and NFT TGLP Mayhem holders now can join the galactic mission purging hitherto unknown planets in outer space. We prepared for you a quick tutorial on how to download the game.

The easiest way is to watch the installation video.

Below is also a description path:

  1. Enter the website and press the “PC Download” button.

2. When you open the Launcher, you can choose the installation path or click “install”.

3. After a quick installation, you need to confirm your wallet connection with the Launcher. Click “Connect Wallet”

4. Then you will be transferred to the website where you will connect your wallet or log in using web2 option (google, facebook etc.) and validate your wallet with a signature.

If you want to habe more opportunities in game like more mission you will need to but the $ADRIA token on our website:

If you are an holder of the $ADRIA token, a browser window should pop up, which you must accept to open Mayhem Launcher.

If the window does not pop up, you probably have pop-ups blocked in your browser. Unlock them to launch the Mayhem Launcher.

5. Welcome to the Mayhem Launcher! Check out the launcher by going through the settings, wallet connection, and game download options. If you want to play the Top-Down Shooter Early Access download it.

After download you can start the game by clicking the ‘Play’ button.

6. It’s for game exploration! We leave you here, take your time (we won’t be explaining every game mechanic to you). Check, test, play, have fun and most importantly enjoy the TDS game!



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