Senior NASA engineer calls out Howard Chu (hyc_symas, Monero developer) for being a fraud

I just read a news story so bizarre that I had to go through with it with an analytical eye

Summary of Howard’s claims [1]. Take good note of timing — 20 minutes into the flight. Dates will become important

Ed Caro, senior engineer at NASA in charge of the system Howard claims so gallantly saved mid-flight, makes following claims:

  1. His story doesn’t add up on a technical level. There were multiple backups in place that would have prevented both vehicle failure and data loss.
  2. His dates don’t add up. Howard claims to have worked in JPL from 1991 till 1993. The mission launched on 9th of April 1994
  3. Actually, nobody he knows remembers Howard working on the project. One person remembers Howard’s older brother, Eugene. Source: [ 2]

Now, here is where the story, as published by a minor cryptocurrency news site, takes a really bizarre turn. Apparently someone calling himself Eugene wrote to them, twice.

And a second reply:

For the record, I don’t think it was either Eugene or Howard writing those emails. A lot of holders of Monero cryptocurrency will perceive this story as a threat to their money — so it was most likely just a random community member.

If you worked at JPL on SIR-C project, and do — or do not remember Howard Chu, please email and I will include your email in the story.

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Telegram : @fireice_uk Reddit: fireice_uk Twitter: fireice_uk